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For any student who has completed his high school, the high school diploma template is of high value. It recreates the experiences at school and reminds about the progress in life. Though it is just a piece of paper, it has a lot of value and helps you throughout your life.

Just like how it is important to a student, it is crucial for the educational institution as well. They are given away at a graduation ceremony where there are many witnesses and it is necessary to pay attention to its design and data.

It is a must for the institution to make them look professional and genuine as they will remain with the students throughout their life. This article guides you to choose the perfect one.

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Diploma Templates Options

Here is a sample of the printable that our team has created.

custom diploma template with seal

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Types of Templates

Before you choose anyone, you need to know the category you belong to. There are secondary and preschool types and the format differs for both. While you can find loads of these online, never choose a fake one that can question your legitimacy.

Also, you must make sure you have genuine-looking fake transcripts to go with your certificate. That way, the whole package will look more authentic and less questionable.

If you have just completed your school, you may have to choose from the exclusive list below.

Who qualifies for a certificate?

Students are expected to fulfill certain academic credits and undertake vocational courses that are termed as standards to progress to the next level. Students who use their resources correctly (such as books by using bookmark template) perform really well and above the GPA score qualify for honors high school diploma templates while the rest receive prep diplomas. There are certain terms and condition to qualify.

High School Diploma Templates With Seal

First of all, let’s see how the standard ones look like and you can create your own just by observing the format and font style.

High school diploma with seal

This one is widely used to certify the students for their accomplishment of course as it uses the perfect diploma fonts. It also has columns for signature/sign.

Diploma Templates without hologram

If you want one without a hologram and terms conditions (which could be required along with your resume template), you may have to add the institution seal in the footer, unlike Home school diploma certificate. This can be of great use to fill the details with the ready-made seal.

high school diploma without hologram


The conventional ones generally have information about the witness of the event, the board of education, the location of the institution. Also, the lettering must be extremely artistic. They are sometimes said to be outdated but it completely depends on the preference and choice of the individual or institution.

Traditional high school diploma template

Blank diploma

With designs getting better, it is a good idea to select a customizable one that allows you to fill the data and just reminds you of placeholders for the same, just like a certificate of appreciation template. When you select a customizable option, check for its design. Make sure it’s not too fancy and is maintaining a professional look and feel.

Blank diploma template

The problem with this one is that sometimes you won’t know what to add at which place like you would know in a Weekly Planner Template. That’s why you should go with them only if you know what you are doing. Otherwise, opt for a pre-formatted one.

high school diploma pdf

Suppose that you have completed the degree under the home schooling pattern and curriculum, the one given above is ideal for you. The source website detail is given in the footer and you can simply add a name, day, specialization and year.

Elaborate high school template

It is just not enough if you edit any random one and present it to others. There are fine details to it that you should pay attention to just like you would do in an Intuit Direct Deposit Form. Some websites charge as much as $30 for providing an elaborate one. But here, we have one for you that’s absolutely free.

It is special for one reason that it explains the skill sets of the student along with the people who witness his graduation ceremony. It has all the elements that original and trustworthy certificates should contain to appeal to the receivers. You may have to use this to impress others!

elaborate high school diploma

Elegant Printable

When you get one, the alignment is of grave concern. All the texts are centered. There is also a difference seen between the informative one and paragraph containing names and locations in terms of colors, font face and sizes.

If elegance is your priority, this is the one you should opt for. It has a different style to it that not only makes it look professional but also very modern.

Elegant high school diploma

Minimal Printable

The interesting part about minimal design, looks attractive, credible, easy to edit and takes less than 30 minutes to get your final, printed one in your hand.

It is gorgeous and has adequate space to append credits. The red ribbon at the bottom adds majesty to it. This design is actually breaking the trend and is perfect for you to edit and use further.

Minimal diploma template

Unique high school Printable

To keep up with the trend, institutions have now created fresh and eye-catching designs that include the regular text but with symbols that are used to honor someone on an award ceremony.

It clearly highlights the name of the recipient and the course completed along with the image of the school. The interesting part about it is that it is easy to edit and brings nostalgic memories every time the person sees it.

This design further enhances the credibility with the choice of neutral colors and simple pattern background.

Unique diploma template

Homeschool High school diploma template PDF

PDF version of this diploma is preferred by the institutions because it is ready to print and it is only required to fill the data. Once you agree to the design in it, you can simply download and add your detail.

It comes with a watermark that certifies the graduation and has all the necessary symbols. With the grey margin, it appears more decent looking.

You can use any pdf editor online site to edit it by signing up for them using your email and then take print out once done. As simple as that. You might have to confirm your email with them to use the editor.

Homeschool diploma template Word

Word format is supposed to be the easiest to download, customize, alter and upgrade the text or append the pictures. If all you need is to edit the margins and alignment already done, this Word format is perfect.

Keep in mind that this is the simplest one you can get. It doesn’t have much design or fancy stuff but it does well. So, go ahead and get it. Copyright to the original creator of this.

College diploma template

When the education level progresses from school to college, certificates are what you need to carry. On the other hand, these diplomas highlight more about the specialization, proficiency and course duration. In general, a college certificate is awarded to those who have undergone 2/3 years of study in a particular field and has passed all the subjects with recognized ratings.

It looks similar except that the content is elaborate. To create diplomas of your choice, get it and edit the name of college just like you would edit a silent auction bid sheet.

Fill the course that has been completed. What happens with the fake ones is that the university and course tend to mismatch. The course is unavailable in the university mentioned but you find it with an urge to hand over a random one. This is one point that you should keep in mind before you hand over the certificate.

Importance of a Degree

The reason one has to spend extra time online to select the right certificates for completion of a diploma is that it influences the rest of life. If you have one, it means that you have passed a diploma in flying colors. You are on the next stage of life where this gives you chances for employment.

For a fresher to get a job, these paper diplomas act as the base. When you hand over the certificates to the employer, the degree, specialization, university, and percentage are few aspects taken into consideration.

If the employer finds the candidate having honors, there is a potential opportunity for employment followed by a salary riraiseSuch students are also retained for a longer run by the employers as they are regarded as talented and competent to fulfill the desired objectives.

Even if you wanted to pursue higher studies, this will offer you the right universities where you qualify. Ideally, it offers a pool of opportunities for you. Make sure that you get the right one.

If you are a homeschooler, now in college, having a professional certificate will make you look good in front of the interviewer for sure. Although it is not necessary, having it in a paper format would be a plus.

College diploma template

The traditional one comes in the portrait format and a margin that looks even presentable on paper.


This is a fake one that you can enter your data in.

Another extremely attractive printable is here:

College diploma graduation

Those who have secured honors in the degree are presented with a certificate that has a badge and additional 3D hologram to make it look special. This is a way to honor the students who have taken extra efforts to secure higher.


Preschool Diploma

Preschool is filled with fun and memories and kickstarts education for the rest of your life. A preschool diploma is usually colorful and has nearly the same text as in school diplomas. All you need to do is fill its name and child name.

There is no degree or any educational specialization of that sort that is deeply looked for. However, these real preschool certificates offer the base for you to enter the next grade. Printing them is also very straight forward.

Preschool diploma template

What should a diploma certificate contain?

In general, any diploma printable has 5 aspects. If you are looking to purchase one, you may have to pay attention to these aspects to confirm the originality of it before you checkout.

Old English font is usually used in the these. This font is visible in the header as well as the recipient’s name. Sometimes, the font is used throughout the certificate in different sizes. Remember that no fancy fonts are used in printable as it displays professionalism and fancy fonts can fake the accomplishment.

The header part has the title which is usually a diploma template. In certain cases, add the institute name along with the image and established year to enhance the credibility. This is not mandatory though.

To get the original ones, always have a check on the color of ink. Black is a globally used ink color to print the text. In recent times, high schools have stepped forward to adopt new colors to it. In that case, it follows the color scheme of the logo. Verify with the logo to purchase the right one.

The real diploma printable has details on the recipient’s name, name, degree achieved, date, month and year of presentation of the certificate. Few institutes also mention the percentile. It is optional. When you purchase them, ensure that the text has all these details and appears trustworthy to the readers.

There are certain words that every certificate should contain. ‘This certifies that’ is the phrase that is meant to tell its purpose. ‘Has successfully completed’ is another phrase that informs the completion/distinction/honorary achievement of the degree/course of study. Words like diploma will have to be printed in higher font sizes. Choose margins that are not too broad/clumsy. Opt for a calligraphic font.

The footer of this has three portions. There are 2 signatures of the senior-most people of the high school such as correspondent and principal. An original will always have the signatures of the reliable and superior resources that the institute trusts on. Between the two signatures, there is a seal. It is either gold or silver. It is prepared from a hologram and is highly intricate.

Homeschool diploma template with Seal

Not every parent has knowledge of image editing in order to modify a certificate. It eliminates this problem as it allows the users to modify the student name, specialization, date and signatures in Word or PDF formats. It consumes minimum time and effort and it also has a seal in the footer. Printing it is also very easy.Homeschool Diploma with seal

Blank Homeschool High school Template

If the parent knows to fill information, then a blank one is a perfect choice. The placeholders are left and the user will have to enter the student information. It uses good fonts which is a must. The one is already formatted and aligned. Click on the image and directly enter the data. This is the advantage with this one.

Homeschool diploma blank

3. Homeschool template with logo

Suppose you need one with the logo of an institution, then the following printable will help you out.

Homeschool diploma with logo

The margin has an interesting design and it also has detailed specifications that will direct the parent to enter data appropriately. You will be expected to know to remove the specification with a tool like Photoshop so you can enter your student’s data.

If you are an expert in photoshop or any other image tools, this will be an easy job for you. For others, who aren’t good with these, it’s better to select one of the already formatted ones in doc or pdf format that we have listed above.


As per the global educational standards, every student needs 3 certificates – preschool, high school, and college completion. The preschool certificate can look cheerful and creative. Both, schools and college diploma offer added benefits to the students. An honorable certificate is precious and reminds the students of a pool of opportunities forever.

It is the role of the institution to honor its students with more opportunities by presenting an extremely nice certificate that is rich in design and proves genuineness with the choice of right text, font face, and overall structure. Further, the ceremony is witnessed by a number of people and it would be right if the institution proves its class and standard just by means of properly designed and printed.

Also, for those who are home schooling, having a proper certificate is equally necessary as it reflects the amount of hard work you have put in and that’s why it is mandatory that it looks very professional and not something created hastily.