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Are you a business owner looking to recruit an employee? Perform a background check with professional authorization forms that will tell you if your shortlisted employee is charged with any criminal activities or not. You should not skip this step as even federal laws suggest organizations to perform such identity checks to confirm the suitability of the candidate.

Instead of spending hours to create the authorization forms, you can just save time by using the templates in this article.

Importance of authorization form

It is unlawful to do a background check without informing the person and taking the consent from him/her. This is one reason for you to make use of an authorization form.

The other reason to make use of an authorization form is to gain freedom during the check. The checking agent might feel uncomfortable at certain instances where this consent can allow him/her to ask relevant questions and maximize the accuracy of a check. This idea saves time, money and efforts.

However, when it is conducted by FBI, it is extremely important as it can influence your sustenance in the same country. If a person is charged with any criminal act, the consequences are negative.

Background check authorization form templates

As soon as you inform a potential candidate that a background verification is needed, you need to collect some information about the candidate such as present and past legal names, present and past addresses and employment in the last 5 years.

Background Check Authorization Form

Background Check Authorization Form

There are other instances too where it is just enough to collect name, address, contact number and social security number and then perform a criminal check of the candidate. However, this authorization form is the only time when you can collect the past information (that will be useful during the employment period) about the candidate. So, use it effectively.

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Once you collect information about the candidate to carry the check further, the hiring department of an organization should keep the document handy as it will be used anytime in the future too.

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When do you need to conduct a background check?

Not at all times can you conduct background checks about a person. There are specific instances like the recruitment of an employee, selection of tenant for a property, registration of volunteer for an NGO and for FBI. The templates do not differ at all these times.

For example, an authorization form for a tenant also requires the same information about the future tenant. Hence, your task gets simpler as one template allows you to use it for multiple purposes.


It is a good idea to choose template over a manually created authorization form as you may miss many legal clauses that you should use to take consent from the candidate. The additional reason is it makes recordkeeping easier as all information is stored in one document.

Here is one tip to use it effectively – check if your template has room to add remarks and attach sheets to append results of background checks.

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