10 Best Fonts For Diploma Printable [DOWNLOAD]

A certificate is a fond memory of our accomplishment. Whether you create a diploma certificate on your own or download one from the internet like high school diploma template, printing on a parchment paper is not just enough. A certificate has to look attractive and professional and the choice of font matters a lot.

We cannot apply styles randomly as many styles hamper the look as well as the printing output. There are certain ones that are popular and widely used for certificates as they are known to add value to the certificate forever.

The top 10 free fonts for certificates are listed here for you to choose the apt one for your certificate. Remember not to compromise on the professionalism of certificate as it degrades the value of education and institution on the whole!

1. Old English Regular

If you look at the certificates issued a few decades ago, you can notice this free font applied to the majority of certificates. Though it looks slightly old fashioned, old English regular gives that classic touch to your certificate.

If your institution is probably a decade older, you definitely have to apply this font at the header, recipient names and other important areas of the certificate.

If there is a confusion with the choice of font, this font can be chosen by default for the value it carries. Majority of the templates such as homeschool diploma templates use this regular font. Also, some graffiti and comic books also use them.

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2. Parchment

Similar to the previous one, it is highly valued as it looks professional and structured. Though you cannot find this in certain operating systems such as mac, it is easy to download from the internet and apply further for free. It is said to follow the blackletter pattern.

There are curvy alphabets in it such as h, p, g, y that keep the text continuous. The idea behind choosing the right font for the certificate is to eliminate the stress involved in reading the lines. That’s why it is used to sign documents.

If the reader has to focus more in understanding the content, then there is no value for the certificate as it wastes someone’s time. It also tells the lack of knowledge of the institution to create a professional certificate. The crystal-clear style of this parchment will develop a rich pattern.

3. Rechtman

The specialty of this new free font is that it is trendy yet neat and unique. The problem with certain free fonts is that it looks clumsy after printing. This problem is solved with Rechtman fonts. The header part of the certificate can be created with it. Similarly, the degree/specialization and the year of passing out can also be typed in it.

It looks fancy and bright in all operating systems – Windows and Mac. Lately, it is picking up its use in certificates. You can notice the classy look that the cursive writing creates once you print the certificate.

4. Futura

It is highly applicable if you do not want to spend the time to download from internet and alter the typeface as this font is available for free by default in our systems. Avant-Garde, Futura, and Optima are few free fonts that have originated from Sans Serif family. All of these serif fonts look modern and neat and are similar to gothic.

The spacing between the alphabets is just sufficient to give it a professional look. If you are new to editing certificates, Futura is a perfect choice. Copperplate also belongs to the same family and is apt for those who are behind traditional appearances of certificates.

5. Cygnet

Cygnet is new and recently introduced but is widely popular and is applied in the certificates. For your certificate to look stylish, professional and neat, this font is highly appropriate. Words like “certificate of achievement”, “certificate of completion”, “program in computer science”, “issue at St George Auditorium” are created with these free fonts.

Even if you have downloaded a template from the internet for your institution, you can still alter the appearance by typing in this style. The need for this is that it eliminates unnecessary spaces between words and delivers the message directly.

6. The modern Balqis

Balqis fonts are artistic and creative. Though it does not give a formal look, this is apt for a preschool certificate. It is seen in book covers or presentation. However, to give the certificate a creative twist, Balqis is used. It is freely available on the internet. Once you download the preschool diploma template, apply this font to the text.

Balqis Font

7. Special Valentine

This is one of those classic fonts that is still preferred for the certificates. The best part of this certificate is that the uppercase and lowercase letters are equally aligned and sized so that the formatting is perfect. It is one of the calligraphic fonts that add value to the certificate. The reason to choose it is it improves readability.

Special Valentine Font

8. A Yummy Apology

This font is ideal for your preschool certificates. It looks funky and has a curly structure. If you are creating the certificate, you can download and apply this directly to date, child’s name and header. Just like how the name is interesting, the style is interesting too.

A-Yummy-Apology Font

9. Bispo

If you are creating a college certificate, these fonts are perfect. It is categorized under Italic chancery calligraphy. It looks artistic and there are extensions to certain alphabets like g and y. They look formal as well as creative. On top of these, this is suitable for honors certificate.

Bispo font


10. Adine Kirnberg Alternate

If you are still on the lookout for a different font, you should go for this Adine Kirnberg Alternate which is readable, clear and cursive.

Adine-Kirnberg-Alternate- font

Perhaps, we know the difference between a preschool diploma certificate and high school certificate. It is creative in the former and is more interesting while the font in the latter stresses on professionalism and clarity. Perhaps, the font tells the reader that the child is entering the next stage of career and the certificate stands as a witness for the same. In the case of high school certificate, it is important for the institution to choose right typeface and size that is printable as the certificate is the only means for the student to apply for college or show to the employer for a job.

10. Diploma Regular Font

Diploma regular is one of the most famous ones out there. It is very widely used as Diploma regular used font. It has the perfect mixture of elegance and uniqueness that makes it perfect for all types of certificates.

You can download Diploma Regular font from several sources on the internet.


Certificate is an identity and remains as a ticket for every student as the reader offers opportunities based on the skills mentioned in it. Aspects like legibility, printability, class and curvy looks are important to take into consideration before you finalize the font. Remember to avoid all capitals when you opt for cursive ones or old fashioned fonts as they create clumsiness in the outlook.

In your certificate, you may have to use 2-3 font styles based on the type of diploma and also to create the difference in texts like student’s name, specialization and year. Carefully watch the margins of your certificate and word spacing after application of font.

Choose the one that can add value to your certificate forever and will not look outdated in the near future.

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