10+ Bid Proposal Templates Free Download!!

Bid Proposal Template

The first thing that an individual or an organization does upon seeing a tender advertisement is to bid with a proposal. This bid includes a detailed proposal of the objectives of the project, materials, labor, duration, and budget. While this is for public tenders, there are also advertisements posted on job portals to which individuals bid with their profiles.

Often, the bidding process does not result in success because of poor formatting, incomplete information and lack of attractiveness in the design. The solution is to make use of bid proposals.

Professional bid proposal Formats

When you create a sample business services proposal document like a work order, keep in mind that it should look professional and attractive so that the client offers you the project no matter what.

sample Bid Proposal Template Construction proposal template Sample Construction proposal template Bid Proposal Template

Bid Proposal Template

These templates are properly aligned, contain essential headings, allow you to directly enter project-specific data and print for submission.

Sample Construction bid proposal template for services

Bids in the construction industry are always competitive. Your proposal has to begin with summary, objective, scope, timetable, labor, and costs. At this stage, you need to remember to stay unique.

construction bid Proposal Template

Enhance your proposal by adding your company logo and address on header and footer respectively along with the terms if any. Offer more value than what is expected for the project.

Sample Proposal and estimate templates

Sometimes, organization or a company might be expected to simply issue a brief proposal with estimates so that the clients can shortlist and choose the one that fits the bill.

Proposal Template Proposal Template

Since you do not get a chance to explain more about your company’s background and efficiency, add a separate note section just above the footer with a text that hints them to visit your site to know your clientele. This simple tweak can increase conversions and create a good brand image.

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Service bid proposals template with details

When you are pitching online for a service-based project to a company, make sure to use a rich-looking template and include as many details as possible for legal reasons as well as for accurate cost estimation.

Here is a contract template for a photography project. Make sure the client includes his sign while sending back the document like in the case of sign in sheet.

Proposal Template

You can notice that this contract is detailed and allows the client to eliminate features/ options that are not of interest simply to cut down the costs. It also speaks about your clarity in this field.

Apply a similar concept to other services too!

Proposal letter templates

In general, a bid proposal is filled with numbers and it can be monotonous for a client to go through the numbers repeatedly. You can stand different by writing a proposal letter.

Proposal Template

There are several advantages to writing a letter.

  • It develops a conversation between the bidder and the client.
  • A letter allows the bidder to justify the quotation with suitable examples/past projects.
  • A letter can persuade the client quickly over a regular quantitative data sheet.
  • It is possible to convey more information and build a rapport with a letter over other formats.


Choose templates over manually created documents as the former can ensure professionalism and serve the purpose while the latter can be a long process.

You get exactly one chance to bid for a project, so don’t lose it due to bad design!

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