27+ Blank Check Template Download [Word, PDF]

A blank check is meant to enable people to fill the details at an ease with utmost flexibility and manage cash flow in a better way. However, it is also commonly used for fun or by parents and teachers to teach their children how to fill such forms. Instead of creating one that loses the feel of doing a transaction, you can opt for those that save time and help you learn better.

In this post, we shall list some of the professional looking ones that are trustworthy and can be used for any instance.

Blank Check Template

Free Blank check Templates

When the currency is USD, it is a good idea to go for these as it can avoid confusions in the type of currency.

Blank Check Template

Check Template

You can notice that the second format is exclusively designed for students to practice filling blank checks and teachers can circulate the same during class hours.

General blank check template

The easiest way to fill the check is to download a blank template just like a credit card form(check here) and fill details from the scratch. Starting from the bank name to date to amount, it is only the placeholder that is present in the check. You are expected to fill those placeholders.

Here are a few:

Blank Check Template

Check Templates B5

While the first two templates have certain inputs, the last one has an entirely blank bank check.

Blank check for companies

In general, organizations follow customized structures of checks for better recordkeeping. For example, some of the companies will encourage employees to fill a check and address it to the employer. In this case, you can customize the design by including the company logo and follow the color scheme.

B6 B7 B8

Even when you issue checks to your suppliers or use for payroll purpose, this design still works out. It looks unique and your employee can easily adapt to it.

Big blank checks

If you are organizing an event or hosting a show on television, the regular size of the check does not work as it is neither visible nor attractive. In this situation, you may have to design a larger version so it is visible to everyone and looks classy.

bank check B10

Suppose you wanted to give away cash prizes to winners at an event or online, use this blank format to issue on television and then give the regular check separately. This increases the viewership and also makes the receiver feel proud of it.

Sample Printable Blank donation forms aka Bank Check

When you are getting into an important financial deal such as making donations, you need to print and make use of a perfect template that will never lead you to trouble at a later stage.


If you are skeptical in filling it rightly, here is an example.


In this format, you can understand how the purpose of the check is filled under the memo section and the receiver detail is mentioned clearly. This format is helpful when you are donating it as an organization as you can also have your firm logo on the top and this structure will enhance the genuineness and avoids misuse of the check.

Miscellaneous check templates

If you think that a simple credit format does it all, you are wrong. You may also be in need of other ones to ease the process.

The first of all is the deposit slip that needs to be accompanied by your check.

bank check

When you are planning to directly deposit the amount in the bank, you need a supporting template that is also accepted by the bank. Make sure to fill the placeholders right to achieve a successful transaction.

The second format that is really helpful for anyone who deals with a number of checks in a day is a check register. Whether you are a business owner or a homemaker who performs several transactions, you need this register to keep track of your expenses. This is basically a page with multiple columns such as receiver name, amount and date of issue. B14

Filling this can be so easy that you can also encourage children to fill it and begin the practice.

The final miscellaneous document is an acknowledgment format. What if you have issued the check but never knew if the concerned party has received and processed it or not? It can happen in vice versa too. To avoid such messy financial situations, it is a good practice to make use of receipt form that will inform the issuer that the document is received.

bank reciept

The advantage of a blank document 

After going through these formats or page, you can be suspicious of how a blank document is going to help you or your business. The good news is it looks original and can also be edited quite easily. With the presence of readymade sections, it saves your time as you don’t have to create it entirely.

  • You can create a personalized format
  • It helps in better money management
  • Fulfills the purpose of a check
  • Blank check template that we have listed is ready to print

Whether you want to use for real-time projects or for fun, there is no hassle in achieving your desire.

Blank check – Dos and don’ts 

Now that we assume you are prepared to use a blank page format, you need to take certain rules into consideration.


  • Fill it legibly and ensure that you don’t cross anywhere.
  • Before you issue the document, crosscheck with your bank balance to ensure fund sufficiency.
  • Always enclose this document in an opaque envelope.


  • Don’t fold the document.
  • Do not issue it blank to anyone though you have downloaded the blank template. Always fill it with values.
  • Avoid writing just beneath the MICR field.


Using a blank template for your financial transaction is a witty thought but don’t attempt to replicate the bank name as the law prohibits this action. The pages that we have provided are meant for you to learn better or use for projects or internal purposes in an organization. Also, they enhance the learning process with interesting graphics and adequate placeholders.

Learn to transact wisely and genuinely with these readymade ones in hand!

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