10+ Blank Eviction Notice Templates

Are you a house owner looking to send an eviction notice to your tenant? You need to know that the notice should comply with the local legislative policies and abide by the rules initially agreed by both the parties.

A notice of eviction is a legal document that is usually sent by the owner to the tenant for varied reasons. The common reason appears to be proprietorship grievance. In such an instance, you need to send a notice that maintains a formal tone and a professional outlook.

Look no further as both are present in the blank templates listed below.

Blank eviction notice templates

The primary reason for people to go for a blank eviction notice templates is the ease in adding information (just like an employee write up form) and implementing it immediately. When you find that your property has not been maintained properly or your tenant is not paying rent on time or breached the agreement, the only way to repair these is to send across a notice.

 Blank Eviction Notice by landlord Eviction Notice by landlord  Blank Eviction Notice Template by landlord

Eviction Notices

 Blank Eviction Notice Templates

These templates appear simple and crisp. If it is a commercial property, make sure to include the local property leasing laws. The best part about these templates is that they allow you to fill the pending amount to be paid by the tenant and also has space for the owner to fill the reason for sending this notice. This process justifies the purpose.

Eviction notice templates with duration of leases

Sometimes, you may notice that your tenant is not paying on time and you wanted him/her to vacate in a couple of days. By default, the eviction notice demands the tenant to vacate from the place within a fortnight or a month based on the housing occupancy law. However, you can also alter this by mentioning a specific duration within which you may either occupy or let it out for another tenant.

Here are a few templates for you to guide in such instances and relieve you from stress.

en6 en7 en9 pay rent or quit

notice to pay rent

Common mistakes to avoid when filling eviction notices or during eviction process

Since it is is a legal document, you need to be extremely careful in filling it.

Here are some of the mistakes commonly made by the owners:

  • Giving a vague reason for eviction
  • Getting friendly or pleading the tenant to vacate
  • Not stating the notice period in the eviction form
  • Forgetting to mention that this problem can be dealt in Court too if eviction does not happen within the stipulated time
  • Not filling the date
  • Giving a strong reason with no evidence as a notice to quit or notice to pay.

The final mistake can be really tricky as the tenant can sue the owner in the Court for false allegations. In turn, the owner has to pay the penalty. Therefore, it is crucial to fill it carefully and proofread it just like you would do it for an Obituary Template.


Renting out a property can be a bit painful when tenants do not cooperate and engage in false promises/breaches. The best way to deal with such tenants is to keep a copy of eviction notice handy. These templates are ready to print and are trustworthy so you can directly begin using it.

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