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Certificate of Appreciation Template

Issuing a certificate of appreciation to a person is a form of telling them how much you value them and the recipient feels motivated and elated about it. From saying thank you to sharing a warm message, the certificate of appreciation can be issued even on a ceremony and this makes the recognition extra special.

You can notice that this is given at a number of places like school, office, volunteers and other public institutions. This appreciation letter enriches the bond between both the parties and there is always a positive environment prevailing after the ceremony as more people are motivated to work harder and get noticed.

Best Free Certificate Of Appreciation Templates

If you are creating an appreciation letter certificate, you may have to use a professional one that has good design, apt words, and an appealing layout. Such professional ones are available in the upcoming section.

Blank Free Certificate of appreciation

Sometimes, you may need to design a blank thing that you can use for a number of situations. Instead of creating a specific printable certificate of appreciation for a particular environment, these blank design allow you to directly enter the data about recipient name, purpose and signatures. They save time and well designed so you don’t have to waste time in alignments or margins or text.

Blank certificate Certificate of Appreciation Certificate of Appreciation Certificate of Appreciation

 All these design printable free certificate templates let you to edit too. Certificate of Appreciation

Certificate of appreciation for students

Whether you are a school or college wanting to recognize the meritorious students for their high scores or 100% attendance or for winning an activity, you need a decent certificate that is not only professional but is catchy.

Remember that the students value such certificates highly and even use them to show to the employer at a later stage for job purpose, just like diploma templates. The content has to be detailed so that the recipient can also recall the event for which he/she has been noticed. In addition to the content, you must be specific about the year and date on which it is given to the student with a sign.

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Here are few printable for your reference.

Certificate of Appreciation Certificate of Appreciation Certificate of Appreciation

You may have to mention the title awarded to the student, if there is any.

Certificates of appreciation

Employee recognition and reward play integral roles in each organization to boost productivity and retention rates.

There are many titles given to them to differentiate them from the rest in terms of their achievement and capacity. Rising star award given to those is one type of awards/ honor of newly joined ones or the first time recipients.

award certificates sample

The certificate can also be in particular to a project where they have performed better.

Few more examples of such printable are attached here. All rights reserved.

COA 14 Certificate of Appreciation Certificate of Appreciation award certificates Certificate of Appreciation award

If you are looking for an editable version of this printable, you can make use of this document.


Free Certificates of appreciation for volunteers

As an NGO, it is impossible to compensate the volunteers for their time and efforts spent to uplift the community. Instead, you can recognize them with a certificate that will always be treasured by them.

An ideal free certificate should include the details of NGO, purpose of recognition and project for which the volunteer has worked.

You can see some interesting certificates here.

Certificate of Appreciation award

Appreciation for donors

Every selfless donor always needs some completion motivation from the recipient NGO that will make them feel happy about their contribution to people.

It can be as simple as saying thanks followed by an appreciation for their continued support or can be designed like an award. However, these certificates can be so special to their hearts.

COA Certificate of Appreciation Certificate of Appreciation

You can notice that they look prestigious and also adds pride to the contributors.

An editable format of this for donors is right here which you can print. Just replace the logo, recipient name and text and you are done to honor your donor.


Click on the link above to get and print it.

Appreciation for speakers certificates

Appreciation is not just for those who have taken an extra leap to accomplish something. It can also be for your guests at the event who spent the time to make your event a successful one.

Apart from saying just a ‘thank you’, you can make it a memorable affair by recognizing their time and inputs shared to educate your audience with these certificates.

Certificate of Appreciation

Make sure to add details about the venue and date of the event so the recipient can instantly recall the memories later.

Appreciation at a religious ceremony certificates

It is quite rare to see certificates that you can use for a religious ceremony. Suppose you run a church that has good number of followers and you wish to honor few of them for their unparalleled support and trust on Christ, you can always issue an appreciation free certificate.

Certificate of Appreciation

The text here is apt for you to just enter the recipient name and signature of pastor and issue to the followers. Not always do churches recognize and reward their supporters and followers. You can certainly take an extra leap to honor their trust and make them glorify Christ forever.

Other appreciation certificates formats

Like we said earlier, you can always issue a recognition/ appreciation printable certificate to someone valuable or some business and you don’t need a strong reason to postpone the ceremony.

Here are few that you can use to honor the teachers who tirelessly work to empower their students.

Certificate of Appreciation Certificate of Appreciation

You can make it look richer by adding the institution logo and other graphical elements of your choice.

Need a certificate in portrait mode to gift? Here you go! Usually, the format followed is landscape but it is not a must to fix to that mode. You can make your certificate look different too.


There are few more formats to thank the catering business who have served good and tasty foods and suppliers who have added value to your projects.

Catering COA Certificate of Appreciation Certificate of Appreciation

When you prepare a customized one, you only need to be careful about the addition of relevant icons and text that will convey the desired message to the recipients.

Why and how about a printable certificate of appreciation gift

It is a common practice to recognize stakeholders for sincerity and productivity and this method creates excellence in relationships.

  • Don’t delay to express your gratitude.
  • Use the right salutation!
  • Use motivating words in the text like ‘star’, ‘appreciate’, ‘honor’ which will make the recipient feel special about the recognition.
  • Don’t add too much of text. Just inform the reason in the first line.
  • Conclude with proper remarks and proofread.
  • Make sure to add the signature of an authorized official at the end.
  • Do your research on the admirable stuff carried out by the receiver so it gains more value.

The key to a good certificate is to print on a parchment paper that includes bright ink and well aligned.


Whether you want to edit an existing design or create one on your own, you need to keep in mind that these are not just certificates but heartfelt expressions and there is also a personal touch attached to it. At certain instances, children also love to thank their father with ‘awesome father’ title printed on this format just to inform him how much he is valued.

Create one that conveys joy and gratitude and make the recipient feel better and stronger in their association with you!

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