33+ Credit Card Authorization Form Template

Credit Card Authorization Form template

Do you have a credit card? Then, this article is exclusively for you! As a cardholder, you may have faced instances when you show consent for your merchant to charge you for a specific period as mentioned in the document.

Now, you express the agreement by means of a credit card authorization form template. If you are charged by your merchant without getting your approval on this form, reach out to him immediately and take action.

On the other hand, a credit card authorization form template allows you as a business or services owner to be worry free of the payment’s success. These credit card authorization forms will make sure all the process is automated and you have to take zero tension about it.

5W’s Of A Credit Card Authorization Form Template

A Credit card authorization form is a method by which you safeguard yourself from chargebacks. If you do not use this form, your merchant might charge you for recurring transactions without prior notice and you are less likely to win the legal complaint if you lodge one.

The form is usually issued on a quarterly, half-yearly and annual basis and it is up to the credit card holder to choose the duration. This is applicable to businesses as well. With this form in hand, you can charge your clients to their card instead of receiving chargebacks and losing money. Use it at right instance and keep a copy of the form handy!

1. Basic credit card authorization form template

Every services seller uses these credit card authorization forms to input details of the card and takes sign from the credit card holder/ customer. The signature in footer acts as the consent from the cardholder and the charges are made towards the card in the future. This form can be directly filled by the customer or the holder and handed over to the seller. In case you take checks, you can use these blank check templates or for multiple checks, using a check register is another great option.

Credit Card Authorization Form templateYou can also mention the billing address on the back of the form, just to be on the safe side. Also, make sure the signature of the customer is there.
Credit Card Authorization Form template

This is another one of the most widely used authorization forms. It contains almost all the details that can be required during a payment.

#3Credit Card Authorization Form Template#4

Credit Card Authorization Form Template

2. Multiple user authorization forms

There are cases when the cardholder allows the merchants to charge an amount from the card for transactions made by up to four users as named in the form. This form is detailed and the authorized names are added at the bottom area along with email.


3. A recurring payment authorization form

This form is extremely helpful when you have purchased a recurring credit card. The seller is entitled to charge the credit card holder for the billing period agreed by both the parties. In this case, the business directly charges without any prior notification during that period and any future charges/extension of duration can be added based on consent from both the ends.


4. Blank credit card payment authorization form

The purpose of a blank credit card form is to allow the flexibility and freedom to the shopkeepers to decide the necessary fields in it so that the customers can enter accordingly. It is good to be accurate when you create the information as the customer has every right to lodge a complaint for a fee that is not mentioned in the form.


5. Business credit card authorization form template

As already mentioned, a credit card authorization form template is issued to both individuals and businesses. We have seen the authorization form meant for individuals in the first section of this article. This part is specific for business. It is detailed and allows the businessman to collect all the essential information from the business in one go.


6. Charge authorization form for travel agencies

The charge authorization form has unique fields for each business. On the other hand, the charge is also not the same and the merchant might need extra information pertaining to the business at times. This form is helpful to those who are dealing with a travel agency. It has placeholders to include passenger data and corresponding charges.


7. Third party credit card authorization form template

The advantage with this business is it is possible to issue authorization form for third-party credit cards. In such instances, it is mandatory to collect as many information as possible about the card and its holder. Suppose the card is used at a hotel during room checkout, guest information and tariffs will have to be included too. This will allow the businessman to charge the party accordingly without any hassle.

Download the document and edit it by adding the company details and that’s it. It can be issued to the guests without a second thought on the type of credit card.


8. Charge authorization form for payment by remittance slip

The payments to the seller need not be in the form of cash or electronic transfer always. The advantage that the merchants give is the ease in the mode of cash. Suppose the user wants to make the one-time or recurring payment, it can be done by visiting the office or through remittance slips. If the removable remittance slip is used, this authorization form will be of use.


9. Charge authorization form with driving license

A Charge authorization form is an agreement between the merchant and the user that the former does not charge the latter unnecessarily and the latter agrees to pay charges as agreed to the former. For extra protection, it is a good idea to include driving license information of the user. By this way, the merchant gets safer and realizes the genuineness of the user. As a result, the payments are not missed by the user and there is a good rapport created between both the parties.

card authorization forms

10. Charge authorization form for donations

If the credit card user is an organization that accepts gifts from the donors, then this template is apt. It gathers details about the type of donation and credit card number.

card authorization forms

Why do you need these credit card authorization templates?

Using a template gives the guy an understanding of information required from the user and it also enhances the overall efficiency. They don’t have to spend time creating a form. Yet another reason is that these templates remind them about the market scenario and ways to escape the fraud by collecting all necessary information from the user. This builds trust as well as keeps the business going.


The use of credit card is unlimited due to the flexible payment options available in the market for the majority of the products. With the use of templates, it allows businesses to keep track of charges for a particular user and ensures transparency in the charges incurred for transactions.

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