19+ Payment Authorization Forms Free Download

Quickbooks direct deposit is typically a legal document that permits the employer to pay them by means of direct deposit. In this template, the employee specifies the target account where he/she prefers to receive credits and employer consents to the same. Sometimes, the worker will also have to provide a void check that will be forwarded to the payroll department.

Where is Quickbooks Intuit Direct Deposit form used?

Not restricting to employees, you can also notice others using this Intuit QuickBooks template to issue payments to the vendors. Though this method consumes a bit of time, it is still practiced by many organizations.

On the other hand, if the organization is supposed to receive payment from its client, it can also submit this intuit quickbooks template to client. By default, one issue is treated as one payroll.

You should know the security limits of this method before you fill it to avoid delays in the transactions.

1. Simple Quickbooks Direct Deposit

As soon as a worker joins the company, this QuickBooks intuit direct deposit form is issued so they can fill in the details. This simple template allows them to input the bank account details along with a voided check and all these will be stored by the employer for automated bank payments.

The bottom part of the quickbooks template accepts authorized signatures along with the conditions as per US law that every staff should read before signing it.

Intuit Direct Deposit Form


2. Credit Authorization Quickbooks intuit Direct Deposit Form In Word – Payroll

If you feel that the whole terms thing is fussy, this business template is your solution. It comes in the Word file and states the workers to fill the correct details in it with their sign and email.

This will actually support and save time and efforts of both – employee and employer/business. The business can even include their logo in it at the top or bottom.

Deposit Authorization Form quickbooks intuit


3. Direct Deposit authorization form for business vendors Intuit Quickbooks

It is obvious that an organization has to deal with a number of vendors to accomplish the project objectives. During the payment time, direct deposits need to be done for which this template will be of use.

The template is created exclusively for vendors to register and fill the details and issue to the organization associated with for the project. The advantage with this template is it lets a vendor to do 3 functions – request for a new account addition, alter existing details and cancel the receipt on a specific account. This multifunctional template adds ease to the bookkeeping process in an organization.



4. QuickBooks Deposit form for contractual workers

The laws differ for contractual and permanent employees. Accordingly, the template also varies. It can be filled directly and it is essential for the workers to input the contract number for the official record-keeping purpose.

The best part about this is that it has enough information about fraudulent use, the return of forms and checklist that will instruct the user even in case of misplacement.

Direct Deposit Authorization Form


5. Intuit multiple deposit form Quickbooks

In general, an intuit direct deposit form allows the user to fill only one account detail to avoid confusions in the check transfer from the company. However, this template allows staff to add details of up to 3 bank accounts and this is advantageous to the workers too. In case an account is blocked by the bank, the employer can arrange for direct deposit to another account without any delay.

Note: This one is fillable.

Multiple Deposit Fillable Form


6. Cancel Form

Sometimes, the staff uses the same template to perform multiple functions like addition, updating and cancellation. However, when there are situations to issue separate cancellation doc, then this template will be of use. It is crisp and receives all the necessary information from the employee in order to issue cancellation order to the payroll department.

Cancel Direct Deposit Form

7. Quickbooks account change form Payroll

The advantage of using this payroll method is that it keeps the bank payroll process easier. This payroll account change is meant to add the payroll information of the employee and the new bank account details and all these are forwarded to the authorities for approval of payroll change.

Intuit Account Change Form Payroll

8. Engagement letter for deposit request

Suppose your organization/bank wants to hire a payroll service provider to process the direct deposits, this engagement letter is extremely helpful as it details the services expected along with the fees and terms and conditions during this engagement are also listed. Ensure that your organization/bank uses this standard engagement letter to encourage direct deposits to avoid any human errors in the future.

Employee engagement form for direct deposit


9. Notice to employees to submit the direct deposit form

When new people have joined the organization, it is impossible to expect them to have an understanding of this online check form unless the organization issues a notice and spreads awareness about the same. This intuit direct deposit form has a separate section about the need for direct online deposit and includes a contact detail so they can clarify their doubts. It is mandatory to engage more workers to follow the standards of this procedure.

IMPORTANT NOTICE direct deposit


10. Letter to employees with authorization form online

Similar to the previous QuickBooks ones that highlight the value of the direct deposit, this letter encourages the organization to remind them about the availability of a new option of payment receipt. The best part is that the letter also has a template to add account and authorization form to issue consent towards receipt. As soon as they receive it, they do not waste time and directly proceed with filling the information.


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How to create intuit direct deposit form on your own?

It takes minimum time to create a template on your own. Remember to include the following fields in your template and it is ready for distribution to the employees.

  • Full name
  • Social Security Number
  • Contact Number
  • Employee ID
  • Bank Account Number
  • Routing Number
  • Account Type
  • Bank Name
  • Account Type
  • Consent (Signature)


These forms are widely used by organizations as it supports and automates the transfers with no maintenance charges. Even if there is a holiday, the payment still happens and is easy to use. The direct deposit option increases productivity and enhances rapport between the two parties involved. This effortless finance management is what any organization will need.