40+ Fake Doctors Note For Work Template Download (PDF, DOC)

A doctor’s note is an important document(notes) that acts as evidence for the patient and indicates that he/she has consulted the doctor for a particular illness. These doctors note templates are usually presented to the principal in school and employer in an organization.

If you are a doctor who treats patients that demand note, then these templates would be of use. The forms help you to keep track of patient history and diagnosis and will add ease to the recordkeeping operation. Easy and widely acceptable doctors note forms are listed in the upcoming section.

Free General Fake Doctors Note Template

These general doctor note templates can be used for all purposes – for submission at school or college or work. It is professional and has a header at the top that includes the physician/medical service provider information. There is an option for the medical consultant to sign at the bottom, just below the message about the disease.

Doctors Note Template Doctors Note Template

Doctors Note Template

There is also a free doctor  Word notes you can use to edit on your own.

Free Doctor’s note for colleges and schools Template

When you are creating medical note templates for school students that they submit to the top officials, you should cover the excuse for absence and the illness identified during the period of absence from school. It should include all the necessary details just like a Letter of Recommendation for Nursing School does.

Doctors Note Template


This letter/doctor note templates have to include the details of doctor and also confirm the present health condition of the student so the management is informed.

Doctors Note Template

Doctors Note Template Doctors Note Template

While these notes have professional layouts (similar to a fake ticket template) that instantly gather credibility from the management, it is also a good idea to use the doctor note template as issued by the school and just fill the same and handover back to the student. This process will save a lot of time and efforts.

Doctors Note Template

Free Blank Fake Doctors note for work excuse Download

When you have an ill person who needs your advice on how to create these notes to submit to Human resources/manager for missing work, you will be expected to create a detailed note about the patient’s background, the genuineness of this excuse and authorization from the physician’s end.

Doctors note for work

Doctors Note Template

Doctors Note Template DNT 18

It is a good idea to also create and attach a copy of prescription notes so the management is informed about the drugs consumed by the employee for his/her upkeep. Here is some more printable doctor note that includes date too.

DNT 12

Instead of free printable excuse note, it is also appropriate for the physician to draft a letter about illness, current treatment, and the compensation to be made by the business/work employer for the treatment process.

The below doctor note is perfect for these but doesn’t include a column for email. So, if you are looking to enter email, you might have to go with another doctor’s note.

DNT 13

On the other hand, few doctors issue a return to work form that educates the employer about temporary or permanent limitations faced by them at work and request the employer to cooperate with the health status of the worker. This printable doctors excuse note is very detailed and instantly lets the manager calculate the capacity and allocate work accordingly.

DNT 14


It is not mandatory at all times to give a detailed report to the employer. Based on the format issued by the organization and expectation in terms of professionalism of the note, you can choose the template as you wish. However, the footer part should never miss the physician’s information and address of the clinic/ healthcare facility where the treatment has taken place.

Doctor’s note template for disability Download pdf

This format is extremely useful when the patient you are treating has been under long term care and has a permanent disability that the organization has to pay attention to.

doctors note for work


It is the responsibility of the doctor to give a detail about the disorder and allowed and prohibited activities for a person with that mentioned disorder. This form is generally stored by the authorities under the employee records. If it has happened as a result of a workplace injury, then it acts as evidence to obtain worker compensation towards the damages caused.

Specialt note template

A general physician is not the only person visited by the affected individuals at all times. Sometimes, there can be a visit to the dentist or a gynecologist or a scan session and all these needs to be documented.

Here is a format exclusively for the specialty doctors to fill the details of the patient along with the illness identified.

doctors note for workSOAP template Download PDF

There are certain hospitals that maintain SOAP format to all its medical sheets and issue the same during the time of discharge. This is detailed and trustworthy as it contains minute information of the patient’s status on each day.

DNT 20

Instead of a SOAP note pdf, it can also be a procedure note that is easily understandable too.

DNT 21

If you do not want either of the formats, a simple progress report of the sick is sufficient too.

excuse note

Also, this can be treated as a discharge summary by the authorities upon receipt from the earlier sick patient.

Doctor’s note for death

When you draft a death note, you need to be extremely careful as this is also a legal document and every word that you mention is a clue to the family members to understand status at different points of time.

Along with the patient real examination detail included in the note, it is the responsibility of the doctor to record time of death, the notification sent to family and autopsy report.

DNT 22

Doctor’s note for travel

There are two conditions when the doctor has to play a great role – one is to offer a report about the fitness of your pregnant patient and the other is to claim the insurance amount for a health issue faced as a result of travel.

The obstetrician will have to enter the pregnancy details and complications if any. There should also be a separate space to list out the comments that guarantee fitness for traveling. This copy is taken into consideration before sanctioning Visa and permitting the pregnant lady to go ahead.

Fake doctor's excuse note

On the other hand, when you may have to apply for travel claim cancellation or request for an insurance claim, the following template has to be used.

Fake Doctors Note Template

Fillable doctor’s note

If you are a patient who is looking to fill the doctor’s note on your own instead of waiting for your doctor to send across the advice statement to you, then the following templates will be of use.

note for work note for work Doctors Note Template note for work note for work

Even when you face difficulties to enter on your own, you can also use these doctor note templates to ask your nurse to enter data in it. This doctors excuse notes download could be helpful and time-saving too.

How to draft note templates on your own?

As already stated, medical note template is of great value and very few authorized people can only fill it such as physicians, assistants, dentists, nurse midwives, psychologists, clinical social workers, and specialty doctors.

The purpose of this template is to assess fitness for work/travel or fill the absence excuse at school/college/work. A professional template has to include physician detail, information, condition statement, diagnosis, treatment, advice, and signature.

To enhance its authenticity, you may have to include logos, graphics, and watermarks that make it professional and be very choosy about the words. They should not be in layman terms and it should indicate your expertise!


It is well known that doctor’s note is essential to attach along with application or use as an excuse and is beneficial as it creates a better image about you. Though there are many fake templates in the market too, it is important to customize on your own by adding essential sections and making it look visually appealing and technically sound.

Download and use these doctor’s statement template with caution!

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