15 Different Types Of Employee Forms [Word+PDF]

Employee Write Up Form

In an organization, it is impossible to communicate with your manager in person at all times and you definitely need to write up your concern and submit to your higher authority.

Whether you want to talk about a project or a workplace violation incident or a personal concern, you may have to communicate in a written format and this will stand as an evidence for both the parties.

Employee Write up Form: When And Where

An employee write up form typically conveys your expectation from the firm in a professional manner. Sometimes, managers also need these forms to communicate with team members and warn in cases of poor performance. However, this cannot be used at all times as it has to be used only when there is an emergency. Here are few instances when you need to draft a form:

  • Lack of productivity
  • Alert about company policies
  • Attendance
  • Misconduct within the organization premises
  • Reminder of safety procedures to be followed
  • Disturbing other’s productivity
  • Company property damage

Remember that whenever you receive a write up from your employer, the information in it is serious and needs immediate action from your end.

1. Simple Employee Write Up Form

When you want to list the warning and consequences in brief, this employee write up form will be of help. It has areas where the worker details should be added. There is also a separate section to mark the warning number and the type of violation. At the footer space, there is a space for witness, worker and manager to sign and acknowledge the information in it.

Employee Write Up Form Basic


2. Employee Write Up Form For Disciplinary Action

As a manager, it is your duty to study the progress of every worker and issue warnings when the performance is not up to the mark. The purpose of this write up form is to inform the worker about the disciplinary action that the manager is likely to take for a violation caused by the worker. There are 3 sections to it to record the statements of worker and employer and mention the decision taken at the end.

Employee Write Up Form For Disciplinary Action

3. Progressive disciplinary action form

It is appreciable when the workers take the warning seriously. It is the duty of manager to make note of the problem identified and action/warning passed in the past. Subsequent to it, the corrective action will have to be mentioned so that the employer can understand if the worker is meeting the demands. This progressive disciplinary action form is productive as employees and employer work together and record their comments and improvements in the forms.

Progressive Disciplinary Action Form


4. Employee leave request form

As per the policy of any company, it is mandatory to record the attendance of every worker as the attendance percentage directly influences the productivity and employee satisfaction. As a result, the staff will have to make use of leave request form in cases of emergencies or for leave requests and this form has to be submitted to the manager for record keeping purpose.

 5. Report of injury

Occupational health is extremely important and an organization is liable for any physical and mental damages caused to the worker. However, few incidents of injury happen unavoidably and in those instances, staff is entitled to report injury to the organization in a written format. This will have details about where, how, when and why it happened and the compensation for the damages is allocated accordingly.

6. Employee Evaluation form

Rewards and career development are integral part of human resource management in an organization. The manager of an organization is responsible to evaluate performance of employees so as to ensure that the resources are used effectively and necessary training programs can be planned to develop their skills as per the company’s needs.

This employee evaluation form aka Employee review form allows managers to assess performance in over 15 aspects.

 Employee evaluation form

Employee review form

7. Employee Complaint Write Up Form

The human resource department encourages worker to keep this form handy and use it when there is a concern or complaint to be informed to the respective team leaders or managers. In cases of disturbance caused by co-workers, this form can still be used.

8. Employee counseling form

There are instances when a worker under performs due to personal reasons that could not be spoken out. Likewise, any employee who has a behavioral problem should necessarily take up the counseling sessions offered by the organization. This employee counseling form belongs to the counseling center of the organization and has details about incident, corrective action, worker’s comments and witnesses.

Employee counseling form


9. Employee welcome form

A new worker joins the organization and this reminds the employer/manager to welcome the worker in a written format. This form will include details about the department where the person will work and the designation, roles and responsibilities. This welcome form serves as an evidence to correct the worker in case of deviation from proposed business objectives in the future.

Employee welcome form

10. Employee recognition form

Motivation is needed for a worker to achieve better productivity. This motivation can be in the form of rewards or promotion and a recognition form is also issued to serve as an official statement. This recognition form will have to be formal in language but personal in tone as it is a boost to the worker and it is cherished by the receiver forever.

Employee recognition form

Components of employee write up form

Even if you are keen to create a write up form on your own, it is important to follow certain rules to make it effective.

  • Make the form specific and crisp. Never beat around the bush!
  • Take care about the tone and language used in the form
  • Support the quotes with facts
  • Explain consequences for every concern raised
  • Allow space to record worker’s responses
  • Every write up form has to include signature of the sender and receiver (one more witness is needed for counseling and warning forms)


Employee discipline is crucial for an organization to sustain in the market. These templates will be of huge help as they cover all the instances/situations faced by stakeholders in an organization and they are easy to edit and use further.

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