33+ Fake Transcripts College Templates Collection Free Download

Fake Transcripts

Fake transcripts are not legal, but for those who lost his college transcripts and needs a replacement asap, this could be very valuable.

If you accidentally misplaced yours and you are working far away from your motherland, the only option you have is to depend on these to produce it right away. Here are 20 such college transcripts that can help you solve your concern.

College Transcripts Template For Free

So, here are some samples that you can download and print.

Fake High school Transcript Template For University and College

Fake Transcripts

It is available for download in MS Word and PDF Format. You can edit it to customize it and input all the details similar to your original one. It is one of the kinds of college transcripts which are created without permission from the school but contains correct information. You can buy these for Ph.D. degree, MD degrees, Master Associate degree, Bachelor degrees, High School degree.

Fake High School Transcripts Free

fake high school transcripts free

This paper has a realistic look and feel. You will be able to produce one that will look exactly as your original college transcript. This includes standard or custom courses, color state emblem, and hologram, embossed registrar seal and signature, back printed with grading key and official document watermark in the background. You might have a hard time differentiating which is unreal and which is the original transcript. But make sure you have a high school diploma template to go along with it, in order to make it look more genuine.

Free Fake College Templates

Fake Transcript

It is for high school can be downloaded in Excel PDF form and can be printed on a paper. You can customize it using any online site and add the school logo and other details. Before making a purchase make sure that what you will get is almost identical to your original one and also check for its term and conditions.

It is also essential that you check the testimonials of their previous customers online. Go only for a reputable company. Not all company may have ISO certification but if you find one much better.

Fake college transcript generator Template

fake transcript template free

Before downloading or requesting your college transcript options, it is good to check all the samples first. Some university printables may not look the same with your original transcript. Most of the time the image is shown on their website are taken from the final product.

Keep in mind the color sometimes do not show up accurately due to some photographic settings. Do not worry as it can be enhanced and corrected.

College transcripts templates

fake college transcripts

One thing you should not forget before downloading a university template is to check the quality points. Check if the certificate has raised ink print. This will add value and shows as an original certificate. Make sure to check on the seals employed on it. Most institutions have a basic pattern on their seal. It is important that you check if it is appropriate or not. This uses the basic pattern on their seal.

Printable fake high school diplomas

fake transcripts

This university template is easy to download and could suit your need. One of the important features you need to focus on is if it carries a 3D hologram. It is important that it has a hologram embossed with the school logo and the name. Most of the company offering these offer this type of logo, but it is great that you make sure before ordering or paying for the college transcript.

unofficial transcript

Fake Transcripts

This university one is available in easy to download form with 620 x 620 px dimension. The orientation and dimension are important. Check all the points of these factors because you need to format it correctly with everything necessary to make sure it will look real. Keep in mind that every institution has a basic structure for their college transcript. The ink could be a big issue, so focus on this as well before you buy any degree.

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Template #8

It is essential for a provider to offer 100% made-to-order, so pick the one that will suit your needs. All you need to provide are details like name of the university, date of graduation, your name, degree and major and other vital info, so the design team will be able to create a unique document. The process to buy or order is easy, and it will only take you a few minutes.

Forged transcripts certificates with GPA

It can be downloaded easily. If you will be using this fake college one for applying for a job, they may verify the details. It is essential that the details provided are accurate. Some of the details they may verify include the student number, name, the degree you graduated and others. Before downloading the college transcript, you ordered make sure it bears the correct details.

Fake GED Transcript

Fake GED Transcript

If you need a GED fake college transcripts to go with your diploma this one is perfect. These are printed using the best quality paper and include an embossed gold foil seal.

You will have a hard time distinguishing which is the original college certificate if you compare it. They are printed using a genuine anti-copy security paper. This GED template includes the student name, ID number, address and birth date with the name and address of the testing center where you have taken the GED test.

Fake High School Diplomas #11

This college certificate is printed using the same type of copy-proof security paper that most real universities and colleges use to print their university transcripts and are available in different colors. It also has a realistic key written on the back. These also have security holograms at the back or front side depending on the design. It has a stamp for a realistic look and can be used for any college or university.


These university transcripts online will make your academic history more credible. If you only have a diploma with you, your possible employer will ask you for these to support your claim. Make sure to get a realistic transcript. Your fake college ones should bear your grades on each subject and the general average. The grades should be something that will look real. Putting straight As to impress your employer is not a good idea.


This one is not as complicated as compared to other samples of fake college transcripts. Keep in mind before you buy that your diplomas should be something that looks almost identical with the original template. So, you need to get at least a copy of the actual one before ordering this one. The logo of the college, the name of the registrar and other vital info should be the same with the original document.

What does a college transcript look like

Just like actual diplomas these college transcripts contain the following info – institution name, institution address, student name, ID no., academic details, date of birth, the signature of the registrar, date of issue, the year passed and the date issued. It contains all these vital information which makes it look real. Some documents may lack some information and custom shipping so make sure it provides all the info before you buy it. Also, make sure you check the list of all the products available.


You can create your fake one using this. Before you begin, make sure that you have gathered all the actual and needed information. You can download it in PDF format. Each part is self-explanatory, and you can fill it easily. It is designed for diplomas. Filling up the grades section could be a problem. Just make sure you provide a reliable grade to make your transcript look real before you buy any. Some sites even offer custom shipping. So, make sure you check for that.

Final Words : Do These Diplomas They Work In General?

In order for them to be effective, you must order them from a reliable site. If possible purchase it from the same place where you got your fake diploma. We are not encouraging you to submit fake documents. These templates are designed to help those who have lost or misplace their credentials and need one asap.