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A bookmark is a mandatory possession of every book lover. It helps you to resume your reading from where you had left last time thereby saving time in searching the page. Great bookmarks keep your reading alive and you always get that interest to read more. It also looks wonderful when you insert it on the book and leave on the shelf. This marker can be creative too.

A lot of people out there simply stick an old cloth to a cardboard piece and use it as a marker for the book. Few others prefer to use a costly marker and some readers keep changing their markers based on the climate outside. Which category do you belong to? Instead of thinking to craft one, you can also get a free template that is creative, ready to print and neat.

Free Bookmark Template for kids

One marker cannot suit people of all ages. For kids, the bookmark templates have to be funny and colorful so they return back to reading and turn it into a lifelong habit. A good idea is to use cartoon images on these markers to help them connect to the cartoon as well as enjoy reading it. Such markers are also treasured by kids because it could be their favorite cartoon character and it motivates them to read books.

Here are a few bookmark templates that your kids will enjoy using it.

Bookmark Template free Bookmark Template cute free Bookmark Template

Don’t you feel that these look interesting and funny too? Here is a plain version where kids can fill text of their choice. This can be an interesting activity for them.

Bookmark Template

Need an editable version? Here you go:

Bookmark Templates DOC

Free templates for adults

When it comes to adults, some expect bookmark templates to be funky while few others use it as a gifting material and wanted to convey a message through it. There are actually a lot of instances where adults use bookmarks in their real lives. The good news is we have a template for all the instances so you do not have to search one and waste time in it.

avery bookmark template Bookmark Template

You can notice one thing in common in these bookmark templates- the choice of words. It shows a level of maturity and is apt for the book reader.

There are still more ideas that you can apply to create these bookmark templates or use whatever is available.

corner bookmark templateThis one has a quote in it and this has been used by a bookstore for a promotional reason. Doesn’t the whole design look professional? This will certainly be preserved by the reader just like a thank you card.


This marker is probably the favorite of girls and this can indicate the culture followed by a specific community. It looks pretty and bright and certainly encourages you to store it for long.

Motivational bookmark templates

Suppose you wanted to gift your friend or guests or colleagues with a bookmark that can motivate them and push them forward in life, all you need to do is choose the right quote, color and graphics and you are all set. Here are a few examples of motivational markers that people value much.

Bookmark Template design

This looks warm, neat and crispy. As soon as someone receives it, the text and design can actually create a spark in them and encourage them to achieve further.

Need more quotes or ideas?

BT 12

Don’t share pieces of advice. Instead, motivate the receiver and it gives a good impression about you too.

Festival book clip templates

Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, New Year – whatever be the occasion, bookmark templates are still considered a gift and you can spread positive vibes through these interesting markers. Perhaps, who wants to throw them?

BT 13 BT 14

In these two bookmark templates formats, you can notice that such book clips have no restrictions on language or symbols and they look great and adapt for all cultures.

Blank Bookmarks for functions

How about inviting people to a ceremony in a unique way with bookmarks? Doesn’t that sound interesting?

In fact, people have started to use this technique to convey crisp information about the ceremony in an innovative way which actually saves time, money and efforts. It is possible to print multiple markers at the cost of one traditional invitation. If this excites you, then here are some interesting designs created for different occasions.

BT 15

sign cardsBT 17cute

So, you can note that you can print on both sides and also include pictures if there is a need.

The idea of using this marker instead of the old traditioned invitation enables the receiver to carry it at an ease and they can never forget it. Further, it is multifunctional and your memory can always strike them whenever this is used. This is probably the reason for many people to get innovative and choose this structure for invites.

Copyright to the original creator.

Bookmarks for promotional purpose

The whole idea of every business owner is to reach more customers and maximize profits. While discounts and coupons are issued on one side, how can you let people remember your brand at all times? This is where bookmarks come into the picture.

Let’s take a look at a few markers before we discuss more on how it adds value to your business:


In this case, the business has shared a detail about how it operates and how people can participate in its operations. BT 20

Oh, you can also use this for events held at school or college or workplace. Just print the schedule at the backside of the marker and the event name and organization name in the front and you are good to go. Presenting this marker to the visitor makes the event memorable to them.

BT 19

This last marker does sound very professional yet enticing. New to the market? This idea is cost effective as you can promote the brand, services, and products and also share your contact details on one go. Stop printing the same old pamphlets that land up in dustbins eventually and start printing markers!

Customized blank bookmark templates

We have seen several situations when you can use these page markers and also categorized templates based on purpose and age groups. In this section, we shall also see some interesting templates that are customized keeping in mind a particular need.

blank bookmark template

When the idea is to turn your printable marker into different shapes and look like a puzzle, this idea will be of use to you.

BT 23

If you do not want your marker to be just yet another card, this blank template will be a perfect choice. There are black and white shapes and designs in this format and you can color it. This way, the concept of the marker becomes interesting. This idea is perhaps enjoyed by the kids as they learn to color and try different colors to make it look colorful. Convert your usual marker into an activity center too with these cards.

BT 24

Never miss wishing the most treasured man of your life – your father with this beautiful marker.

How to create printable markers on your own?

The good part about these cards flips is you can use any material to make it as long as it is not too fragile and here are some commonly used materials – cloth, silk, paper, plastic, leather, and metal. With just scissor and knife, you can create a marker on your own. But, is it that simple? No, unfortunately. There is a need for a creative twist.

Before you get into the printable cards crafting process, use this basic blueprint to avoid errors.

BT 25

So, this bookmark templates blueprint is to create the design online and then give it for printing. Handmade markers still exist but these printed bookmarks work well in terms of quality and quantity.

Understand the audience – The thumb rule is to design based on who your audience is. For kids, the color scheme is different. For events, the format is different. Know this part first.

Set margins and orientation – This is to make sure that it is ready to print once the design is over.

Prepare the text – In many cases, there is no need for text as it is simply a mixture of photo. However, with people expecting innovation in all aspects, the application of bookmark is increasing day by day. If you wish to add a quote, prepare it in a photo format. The key is to include minimum text.

Decide the sides – Are you going to design front and back or just one side? Prepare the text and layout accordingly.

Multimedia – You can play with colors and graphics but make sure that the desired purpose never gets deviated. You can add a picture of a person in case of a function, a picture of the product you are going to sell, brand logo if it is for promotion for web. Add simple graphical illustrations to make it complete.

Proofread it – After the design is prepared, compare it with the one available with us to see if it matches in terms of professionalism and quality. If it does, go ahead with printing.


A bookmark is an interesting idea whether the person who receives it reads the book or not. The receiver adores the cuteness and handy nature and decides to treasure it. Hence, ensure that what you offer just suits their emotions and conveys the message effectively.

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