10 Free Homeschool Diploma Certificate Templates

Homeschool diploma template

Is your homeschooler completing diploma? It is the right time to issue a valuable certificate. Many doubt if a homeschooled student is eligible to receive diploma. The answer is YES!

Just like High School Diploma template, a homeschool diploma serves as a record of completion of a particular course. Parents are responsible to issue the certificate and this is where homeschool diploma certificate plays a major role.

Homeschool diploma template with Seal

Not every parent has knowledge of image editing in order to edit a certificate. This template eliminates this problem as it allows the users to edit the student name, diploma specialization, date and signatures in Word or PDF formats. It consumes minimum time and effort and it also has a seal in the footer. Homeschool Diploma with seal

Blank Homeschool Template

If the parent knows to fill information, then blank template is the perfect choice. The placeholders are left blank and the user will have to enter the student information. It uses good fonts which is a must. The template is already formatted and aligned. Download the image and directly enter the data. This is the advantage with blank template.

Homeschool diploma blank

3. Homeschool template with logo

Suppose you need a template with the logo of an institution, then the following template will help you out.

Homeschool diploma with logo

The margin has an interesting design and this template has detailed specifications that will direct the parent to enter data appropriately. You will be expected to know to remove the specification with an editing tool like Photoshop so you can enter your student’s data.

Homeschool diploma template PDF

This free diploma template is blank and demands the user to add student’s name, day and year of graduation and course detail. This comes in a ready to print format and is extremely legible. The font is professional and neat too. This eliminates the question about the standard of homeschool.

Homeschool diploma PDF


Printable Diploma

If Photoshop is your forte, this template is great for you! Download the template, edit the name of student and other critical information and print it. The picture on top represents the logo and its purpose is to show the genuineness of homeschool. This informs the reader that the student has underwent homeschooling as per homeschool law. It also has provisions for a seal and the signature of student.

home high school diploma template

Homeschool diploma of graduation template

Similar to a high school graduation, we have a homeschool graduation where students assemble at the homeschool community/organization and receive their respective degrees from their superiors. This ceremony has the same value as the graduation ceremony conducted by a high school.This diploma of graduation is applicable till 12th grade.

Note: It is mandatory for your home school to have a name so it reminds the reader that homeschooler has underwent standard course of study.

Diploma of graduation

Homeschool diploma transcript template

If you simply send across the certificate to the college you are applying for, it is considered junk. As long as the certificate accompanies a homeschool diploma transcript, the certificate never has a value.

This homeschool diploma transcript should include details about course description, format of homeschooling, external evidence and social security number. To cope with high school credits, it is appreciable if the parents/homeschooling institutions take a look at the homeschool law in particular to a state.

The template is given below.

Homeschool diploma transcript template


Checklist for a proper transcript:

  • The transcript has to be marked official.
  • It has to be free of grammatical errors.
  • The grade point average calculation should be highlighted clearly.
  • Make sure that the homeschool diploma transcript is printed on high quality paper.
  • Ensure that the homeschool administrator (ideally, the student’s parent) signs.
  • Send the transcript along with certificate in a sealed envelope.

GPA calculation template for homeschool diploma

Before the transcript is prepared, this template has to be filled first. It is easy to download and the spreadsheet demands the user to enter the marks scored in each course. The credits are available by default and based on the marks, the GPA is evaluated and mentioned in the transcript. If the GPA calculation goes wrong, the transcript goes wrong and the student’s career will be at stake.

Homeschool GPA calculator


Homeschooling institutions should pay attention to accurate calculation of GPA. This template also has the courses that homeschoolers should mandatorily attend for recognition as per homeschool law.

Homeschool diploma planner template

The problem with the homeschooling pattern is the lack of discipline and uniformity in activities. Due to the increased ease of students as they study from the comfort of home, there is a possibility for lag in the daily schedule and unit completion. As a result, every homeschooling institution or parent of a homeschooler should maintain a planner that allows the student to plan for the day, week and month.

This planner will help a lot of homeschoolers to set short term and long term goals and plan activities accordingly.  The homeschool administrator should also mark the reading and attendance records and keep an eye on the daily chores. This will enable the student to plan time allotted for each unit to a better extent.

The plan can actually be customized in particular to an unit or for the subject on the whole. This template needs the user to download and start filling the data in particular to a student.

Homeschool unit planner

Homeschool annual budgeting template

Homeschool annual budgeting is extremely important. The problem with letting your child study at home is that the budget remains unplanned. There is an increased chance for deviation from proposed expenses to complete an unit or a course. Unlike a regular high school where the expenses are known in prior, homeschool always has the uncertainty with costs. The purpose of budgeting template is to let the parents to plan budget per subject for each child. This will include costs incurred to access subject materials and external library resources to complete the unit.

Homeschool budget planner

Importance of a homeschool diploma

Unlike high school where the student receives certificate with attestation from the senior officer, homeschool works in a different manner. The parent of the student acts as the witness and signs the diploma certificate. As a parent, there is low awareness about how a certificate should look and the professionalism is eventually compromised. At many instances, the value of a homeschool diploma certificate is unknown.

Be it a regular, full-time study or a homeschool, the value of degree remains unchanged. Beyond being just a paper with some text in it, this homeschool diploma certificate informs the colleges and employers about the eligibility and potential of student. Homeschool diploma is real and valuable. It is the responsibility of every homeschool administrator to choose the right diploma certificate template that will carry the value forever. Do multiple checks before you take a decision about certificate for the homeschooler!


Homeschooling is a wonderful chance for the students to study and decide their day-to-day activities without any external intervention. However, it requires discipline similar to that in a regular high school. In terms of planning, budgeting and graduating, professionalism and discipline are expected. As parents are the administrators for the homeschoolers, they need to be extra careful in guiding their children and choosing suitable resources that can upgrade the learning style.

An important milestone in homeschooling is graduation as it informs the child’s intellectual progress to everyone. Unless this homeschool diploma certificate is as classy as a regular high school diploma certificate, it does not get recognized and also affects opportunities for the student. Choose the best template that will enable your homeschooler to shine in flying colors at all times!