9+ Letter of Recommendation for Nursing School

The purpose of writing a recommendation letter for nursing school is to inform the school of the expertise and skills of the candidate. It is to ensure that their skills are satisfactory, and they are qualified for the upcoming position as a nurse.

This letter should be issued by an authority in the same field, so the school administrator realizes that the assessment of the candidate has been done with the highest accuracy for the position of a nurse.

Editable Recommendation Letter for Nursing School Application

While writing a basic nurse reference letter, one should include the date, detail of recipient, skills, and attitude of the candidate with proper references and the signature of the authority who has recommended the nurse for the position.

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Writing these premade nurse letters allows the student to download a sample recommendation letter in Word format and just edit the names wherever required and submit to the nursing school.

Brief Nurse Reference Letters – Writing Nursing Letter Recommendations

When you ask for letters of reference from a professional, some might not have sufficient time to write the letter. Instead, you can use this sample recommendation form that begins with a consent form followed by a few questions about their qualities and information of past achievements and experience of the candidate.

Nursing Letter Recommendation

Nursing Letter Recommendation PDF

With this sample format of letters in hand, it is possible to get some more references too!

Detailed Letters for the Nursing Institution for a Nurse Position

Certain institutions prefer that the reference document rates the students on different aspects such as leadership and teamwork so that the institution can better evaluate the applicant and find out if the student fits the desired criteria.

This format does not take much time to fill in the data, and the authorized person can enter the desired information without having to provide fake remarks at any instant, unlike a fake doctor’s note that takes considerable time to fill up.

Nursing Letter Recommendation application


Reference Template with Header and Signature

Having the details of the person who is providing the reference for the candidate on the header part generally increases the credibility aspect of the letter of recommendation. It instantly informs the recipient about who the sender is and why the details in it should be read and trusted further. The template also comes with a signature line so you can simply edit your name and submit to the institution.

Nursing Letter Recommendation

Checklist for a Proper Reference Issue Application

Sometimes, there may arise the need when the person who wishes to refer you for a job does not have a guideline on how the reference document should be.

This template provided by a university can stand as the base, and all that the person who recommends should do is to draft the answers to every question in a separate document and sign at the end. This is a great letter of recommendation that can then be submitted to the institution.

Nursing Letter Recommendation application

nursing letter recommendation

How to Draft a Nursing Letter Recommendation

If you plan on preparing a document for a person you know for a nurse recommendation or admission to nursing school, begin it with enthusiasm. Just like how business proposals are sent, the same format and tone will have to be maintained here.

Before you begin with details of the candidate, introduce yourself and your rapport with the candidate. Then, assess the applicant’s character, followed by the skills that will lend well to fitting into the position at the institution. You will then end the letter of recommendation with your signature.

The Format for a Letter of Recommendation for Nursing School

As we have already mentioned, a nursing recommendation letter needs to contain the qualities and skills that directly relate to nursing. It should include a salutation, a brief introduction, 1-2 paragraphs in the body of the letter, a short conclusion, and your signature at the bottom.


For the introduction, if you know to whom you are sending the letter of recommendation, then you can begin it by using the name of the intended receiver. A more formal greeting of, “To whom it may concern” is also an acceptable introduction.

The introductory paragraph should only be about a paragraph and just a few sentences. In it, you will state the purpose of the letter, explain your relationship to the applicant, and then describe the applicant’s character briefly.


The body of the letter should have one to two paragraphs, and in those paragraphs, the positive characteristics of the applicant should be explained as well as include their experiences as a nurse. Since the field of nursing is so competitive, the more information you can provide about the applicant, the better.

The Conclusion

This part of the letter will consist of only two to three sentences and should again talk about the applicant’s positive attributes. State how well you believe the applicant will do and discuss their excellent performance.

Types of Nursing Reference Letters

Along the way, you may also find that there are several different types of nursing reference letters. We have outlined some of them below:

Nursing Student. This is what is needed when you are referring someone for a medical program as a nursing student.

Nursing Employment. This is for a recommendation for nursing employment for a general nursing position. The template downloads for this kind of reference letter are beneficial and convenient.

Nursing School. This is a letter recommending a person for nursing school toward a medical employer or a training program. This shows the overall performance of the applicant and how they performed during their time at nursing school.

Tips for Writing a Letter of Recommendation

When you get started, you will find that this type of letter writing is very similar to many other professional communication methods. It is best to follow the general rules and guidelines.

You can also start the letter for a nursing program with some enthusiastic praise about the applicant and show that you believe in the person you are recommending. Never appear to be insincere. Always make sure to explain your relationship with the applicant as well as some basic accomplishments.

Finally, be specific when describing the applicant’s qualifications and achievements. Inform them of what they have done using specific scenarios and describe everything. Be prepared to back up your claims. If they have excellent problem-solving skills, for example, make sure to mention it.


In general, this document has high value and determines the career prospects of a nursing or medical school candidate. Hence, it has to be drafted with care. The competitive nature of this industry demands a top-notch reference draft from an authorized person.

So, when you are trying to create a letter of recommendation for nursing, then letter of recommendation templates are essential and beneficial because they will make sure that you include all the relevant information that is needed to tailor the letter to the position the applicant wants.

Most templates can be edited, downloaded, and printed quickly and easily and help to take the guesswork out of writing an admirable and stellar letter of recommendation for nursing school.

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