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When a member of our families, friends, pet or any valuable goes missing, the first thing we do is file a police complaint. But apart from that, we may put up some missing posters across the locality so that if anyone has any information about the missing person, pet or thing, that person can easily contact the respective persons who own the pet or valuable or any family or friend of the person who went missing.

But simply putting some missing posters randomly on the wall won’t catch eyes of the crowd easily.

The sole purpose of making a poster is to catch the eyes and to make a deep impression on the minds of the crowd around so that anyone can remember the images and can easily identify if they see it. Hence the poster must be very eye catchy and to the point.

Missing Poster Templates Download

Well, we need to have a template that can easily serve as a standard template for all purposes in these type of cases.

There are some features that are must to have an in a template like this. Let’s have a little discussion on these before making a design for an all-purpose template.

Attention-catching line: There should be an attention-catching line on the top of the missing poster because this line serves as the most important line which attracts anyone to read the poster.

In maximum cases, we out a word like “MISSING” in BOLD catchy color to attract the eyeballs though there are some more ways to catch up crowd’s attention in simple ways by some written text like “help to find”, “help the family”, “Help the puppy” and “Rewards for Finding” etc. Some of these work to gain sympathy and hit soft corners of people.

Remember some people work for sympathy and some work for rewards so if the missing item is something valuable then go for words like “rewards” and if it’s any pet or person then go for sympathy gaining words like “Help”, “being human”, “Missing” and “help the family” like words. These attention catching lines should not cross 20% area of the poster otherwise it will look odd.

Focus on the matter: Always focus on the matter with a reference image. The image of the matter should cover 40% of the total area of the poster. A clear image of the missing item or person or pet should be pasted where the matter should be seen properly. Avoid images that are taken from the side or having excessive lights around. It should have natural colors so that people can identify it if seen anywhere.

Written detailing: Well, only an image can’t help anyone to identify anything quickly. That’s why some unique special points should be there. Insert some points like the color of hair, dress that worn while went missing, some special mark on the body to identify quickly.

Emphasize on these points and make a good poster having these specs and it will definitely bring you some positive impacts. We have attached some of the best posters here for you further references

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