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The ‘notice to vacate’ form is usually issued by 3 parties – tenant, owner and the apartment authority. It is also applied in cases of room sharing where one of the roommates prefer to send the vacate notice to the other.

Creating one on your own is actually tedious because it has to comply by the local housing laws and should adhere to the standard format so it does not end in dispute at a later stage. The following forms are essentially created to eliminate this complexity.

Common notice to vacate forms

The usual timeframe given for a tenant to vacate from the property is 30 days. If the owner and tenant have already entered into mutual consent for a 60 day notice period, it has to be drafted accordingly.

When the landlord drafts the notice, he has to include the basic conditions that were agreed when the property was occupied. Subsequent to this section, the landlord has to mention the period within which the tenant has to vacate and the monetary terms towards damages. There should also be a separate clause to inform the consequence if the tenant fails to vacate.

Notice To Vacate Form Notice To Vacate Form

Sometimes, the rental tenant prefers to send an intent to vacate either to the apartment manager or landlord. In that case, the tenant has to share the reason, date and security deposit that has to be refunded as per terms.

Notice To Vacate

Here is an editable rental template to send to the manager or owner:


The next template is going to be of use to the roommate who would want to vacate at the earliest. The other roommates will also have to share consent to this decision before sending across to the owner.

NV 3

At this point, you will have to be clear that the terms for vacating a property that is shared between individuals are different.

Essentials of a notice to vacate

Before you send the form to the intended party, make sure that the application comprises of the following aspects.

  • Basic specifics like date of occupation, date of the agreement, tenant and landlord details, lease duration etc.
  • The next important point is to get into the legal aspect. When both the parties have initially signed the agreement, they make a list of materials owned by the owner, vacating period and other terms and conditions agreed related to damages and security deposit. Your form has to include some of these aspects.
  • Move out date of the lease and a forwarding address for communication in the future will have to be added at the end.

Suppose the owner has decided to send the form to the tenant for lease, violation of rule clause will also have to be mentioned.


Drafting a notice to vacate form is actually tricky. Whether the property is let out for rental or lease or room-sharing, the points need to be accurate so that the desired intent is achieved.

Do not alter the structure of notice at any instance as it can hamper the flow of information. Also, make use of TRUSTWORTHY templates only!

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