5+ Packing List Template Free Download [Excel, Word]

If you hear about the packing list, the first thing that comes to our mind is a vacation. But, there is one more purpose of the packing list and that is for business. Most of the businesses in the field of shipping and logistics stock a range of packing list templates to use them as and when a transaction is proposed.

Just after the purchase order is issued by the organization, you may have to process it and inform the status and then ship it to the customer. All these processes need to be professional for which you will need professional templates in hand.

Types of packing list templates

There are three types – landscape, slip with shipping details and form attached packing slip. Here are some templates:

Packing List Template  Here is an editable version of packing list template:

Packing List Template XLS

Similar to the types of lists, there are also types of purpose where you may need a packing slip such as vacation, house shift, cruising, inventory management, export packing, and local order fulfillment. Based on the purpose, you may have to choose the template. Make sure that the template includes all essential elements that will enhance the accuracy of the plan.

Packing List Template PL 3

Invoice vs Packing List

There is a common confusion if the invoice and packing list are the same. To understand the difference easily, let’s break it. An invoice is issued to the customer based on which payment is made and the customer also has a copy of it. On the other hand, a packing list is used internally and contains a list of products to be packed along with the shipment information. Once the packing is done, an invoice is attached to the product and then shipped so that the customer can verify the received items for accuracy.

This proves that you have to choose the template accordingly!

Components of a packing list

If you have seen the templates above, you can notice that the business templates have the following components in common.

  • Receiver details – address, name, phone number
  • Order details – Invoice #, order date, list of products
  • Shipment details – date, origin, destination, package nature and quantity, weight and value
  • Delivery terms – payment, return and refund
  • Declaration – from the sender along with the seal and signature

Even if you plan to create one, make sure to include these components.

The only point to note when you create is to follow a tabulated structure so every detail is properly noted down and saved.


Nevertheless, a packing slip template can make your job easier as you can easily fetch details and manage orders. There are no misses in the transaction thereby improving the service quality of the organization.

If your idea is to use a packing list for college, local trip, summer camp, beach or any personal reason, feel free to include as many variables as you want so the complete travel is covered. While organizations have them readily available, personal requirements will always demand you to store one in advance to avoid any mishap.

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