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A checkbook register is a document that people who frequently transact use to keep an account of bank balances in various accounts. Whether you issue multiple checks or wanted to keep track of a number of blank checks available, the register gives a clear statement of transactions and availability of checks. The best part of this document is that it is easily accessible and you don’t have to maintain it round the clock.

Since it is a private document that you may secretly use, it is advised to make use of a readymade template that has all the necessary columns and descriptions (along with formulae based on the need) instead of a manually created one. The latter might not fulfill the purpose as there is a chance of missing an essential component of a checkbook register.

Curious to see how the templates are going to help you? We will detail in the coming section.

Basic checkbook register template

If you are looking for a simple template to add business or personal transaction details and view the balance of an account, then here are some that you would really like.

CB 2

You can notice that there is a separate column where R and C are marked. R stands for reconciling and C for cleared. With these columns in the format, it is possible to constantly update your statement and balance the checkbook better if you use Blank Check Template.

printable check register

If you feel that a template is better so you can import to the software of your choice, then here is the DOC version of it.

There is also an Excel version where the formula is all set and you just have to enter the data of transactions you make.

Blank Printable Check Register templates

Templates that have data already in it can look messy and confusing. If you are a newbie to this financial management aspect, you should probably begin from a basic blank template where you can enter the numbers and know how it works.

check register

checkbook register template

checkbook register template checkbook register template

There is also a blank version in PDF.


Commercial Excel check register formats

Finance is a serious subject of concern in an organization. Checks are issued quite frequently to stakeholders and it gets difficult for the finance team to keep track of them in individual documents. With these in place, it improves coordination of transactions and allows the resources to save time.

Check Register Template check register book CB 10 CB 9

In all these formats, you can notice that it is also possible to keep note of the transaction in detail. With the running balance column in the format, it informs you the account balance the next time you are planning to issue a check. This avoids check bounce charges and other penalties and also enhances the reputation of the firm.

CB 29


The use of a proper format to maintain checks and accounts standardizes the internal financial management process of an organization. Even if there is a slight deviation in the amount, you can still tally it with this tracking process. By using a professional template, you are only improving the standards of your company.

Personal checkbook register templates

Even though apps have come to help manage your personal finance better, nothing works better than a personalized template to save it for private use. This eliminates your fear about the security of these as you have direct access to it and you can also protect it.

check register

If you are the one who takes financial decisions at your house, this checkbook register allows you to keep track of the savings and expenses that are yet to be spent on along with the mode of payment used. There are a number of advantages in just one document and you can’t deny using it.

Here are a few formats that you can use directly.

CB 26

excel check register

CB 13

If you feel that these do not suffice and need more options, you can check these formats in spreadsheets along with graphs that tell you the frequency of checks being used.



Checkbook registers for kids

Are you just training your child to become more responsible? You should probably have finance management as a part of your checklist. This is what you can do:

Use one of our predefined versions that are simple and easy to use to teach your kids about personal finances like expenses, savings, and account tracking method. By this way, the kid understands to make record of every transaction made. With our predefined checks meant for kids to learn better, you can ask them to enter the same details here. This could be an interesting training technique that is productive and kindles the interest of your kid.

CB 17 CB 18 CB 19 CB 20

CB 28

They look cute as well as turn your kid productive. The key here is to arouse interest by adding their favorite characters and turning the whole document colorful so they don’t feel it boring.

Along with maintaining the register, teach your kid the procedure to fill the deposit slip and also to issue a check. If you are dealing with a high number of students in the classroom, you can distribute this as a worksheet for students to understand and fill their expenses.

Why use a checkbook register?

When there are already enough documents online that complicate financial management, you may wonder the reason to use checking registers. The direct answer to this question is to eliminate human errors. Out of all the errors that affect the results, human error is one that can be easily avoidable by switching to alternatives. There are some more advantages to using this format.

  • It is easy to create a track of savings and expenses in one go at no cost. As a result, you can plan budgets better and on your own terms.
  • The primary purpose of these is to track each transaction in detail. You may have issued a check a year ago and one more similar transaction would be due on the same day this year. How do you set a reminder and keep track of the amount? That’s when these come into the picture. Similarly, it also allows you to update ledger balance.
  • Instant access to personal finance with the highest security is possible only with these. Perhaps, you do not want others to know your transactions and registers can serve this notion easily.

Printable checkbook register formats

It is always important to choose a template that is ready to print. Whether it is for your personal use or commercial use, printability is one of the aspects of a worthful format.

CB 25





Some of the predefined versions that we have given also come with instructions on how to use. This can be of use to those who are using it for the first time or probably switching to a template instead of a handwritten one.

How to check if the format is printable?

We have listed a number of formats above and most of them are ready to print. To check if it is printable, you need to look for alignment, clarity of graphics (if any used), margins, the spacing between margins, clear text, the spacing between rows and has all essential columns.

It does not matter when you are using it on your system as the formula also comes handy. However, the printable format is preferred at a number of places and you can use this hack to print the right version. You can also use several office tools and products to edit these.

How to use these registers?

Getting the template is not enough to process your transactions. Limited efforts from your end constantly allow you to manage personal finance better.

Once you have these cards, cultivate a new habit of recording and checking every transaction you make in detail. Even if it is a new $0.97 spent towards an item, don’t round it off to $1. Record it as such so you can see the bank balance in real time.

Whenever you issue or receive a check, make sure to note every detail in the registers starting from the number, issued date, person name, purpose and amount. If there is another similar transaction expected, you can also set a reminder pointing to that row and carry on with your daily chores.

The way to use it effectively is to complete a row all the time. As soon as you enter the transaction detail, mention the balance present in your account. Do not postpone as urgent transactions can happen and you may not have time later.

If you are planning to use it on your system, there is another tip. Check if your downloaded format contains a formula to automatically compute the balance. This hack saves your time.

Most of the times, people waste time in counting manually and that’s neither a healthy practice.


Smart money management is important to handle checks and other payment modes like an expert and also save time and efforts. With our range of templates, it is possible to plan the budget, save money and also maintain the records in one go. Download the formats of your choice and begin your financial planning process immediately. Plus, you don’t have restrictions about payment modes too.

It helps you lead a productive financial life ahead!

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