41+ Printable Grocery List Template Download!!

Have you ever rushed to a grocery shop to purchase something but you end up buying a different thing and forget what is actually needed? If your answer is YES, then this post is for you.

Each one of us visits the grocery shop to buy different products. However, when the list is long, it is habitual to miss out one or two. This is a common problem among housewives and bachelors. Students who live in hostels and wanted to cook something for the day have tough times in identifying the right grocery. Understanding all these problems, we have come up with a range of free printable grocery list templates that can let you to either simply enter what you wanted to buy or just tick off the products you need to shop this time with a readymade list.

The reason to go for templates is you never miss out a product and most importantly, some templates also give you the chance to plan meals simultaneously. Suppose you have a coupon to apply, there is still scope to use templates that have separate columns to enter coupon details and get discounts during the time of purchase. Sounds interesting? Grab these free printable templates today!

Blank grocery list templates

If you are the one who shops regularly and knows the list of products by-heart, you can directly go for a blank grocery list template. Simply enter the product and give it to your family member to purchase them.

Grocery List Template Printable Grocery List Template Printable Grocery List Template Grocery List

Grocery Shopping List Grocery List Grocery List Grocery List Grocery ListDid you notice that these templates have separate sections of groceries and all you need to do is just write what you need for the week? Whether it is for a holiday or a weekend or just a weekday, the blank list is always of use.

To use it productively, there are certain things to follow.

  • Write the price against each product so you can compare it the next time you purchase and maximize your profits.
  • Clip it inside the kitchen and fill it daily a week in prior so you can eliminate the last minute hassles.
  • To save money, just fill the items you needed within the space given. This can save you from being a spendthrift.

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Printable grocery list templates

While the ones mentioned above are simple and blank, you may also need exclusive printable grocery templates for the shopping list. It is important to check if every template you download is ready to print or not. When you are shopping online, it is okay to go ahead with a template of your choice but if you are visiting a supermarket, you need to carry this handy and that is when these templates come into the picture.

shopping items list shopping items list shopping items list GL 14 shopping items list GL 16 shopping items list GL 18 shopping items list GL 20

Household grocery list templates

If you are a bachelor or a homemaker, you may have a tough time in choosing the menu for the week. What if you get a list of products from which you just have to choose whatever you want and then create a menu for each day?

Those items that you commonly purchase can be added under ‘Must-buy’ section of the list. Those items that you are allergic to can be listed under  ‘Never-buy’ section of the list. When you hand over the list to someone else, they can be aware of it. Also, you can be reminded of what and what not to buy.

grocery shopping list grocery shopping list grocery shopping list store shopping list paper shopping list GL 29 GL 30There are 5 reasons for you to choose these:

  • They look attractive and colorful.
  • They are ready to print and you can carry them wherever you go.
  • They are particular to an occasion as well so you don’t have to waste time in creating a new format.
  • You have a chance to plan your breakfast, lunch and dinner menu in advance and plan your grocery accordingly. All of these are mentioned in a single sheet.
  • Most importantly, they save a lot of time. Instead of buying something that you don’t need, go for these templates that serve as reminders of products you need and should not miss.

Hacks for better usage of grocery list templates

Perhaps, anyone can download these and start using them. What makes you stand different from the rest. Here are a few hacks to use the grocery list effectively.

  • Do you visit the same supermarket for all your purchases? Feel free to categorize your list based on the order of shelves.
  • Buying is not just restricted to groceries. You may still purchase clothing and other household products available in the same supermarket. It is a good idea to have a space dedicated to non-food items. Alternatively, you can use the backside of the printed list.
  • Pin the bills along with this for you to compare the profit or loss in the future. Plus, make sure they are easy to access.
  • Never overwrite. This can only create confusions during the purchase. Instead, you can write with a pencil and then you can change to the pen after the purchase.
  • Are you specific to brands? Write the brand name next to the product. It is a cool idea to include quantity along with the product detail. This is a smart buying hack.
  • Are you the one who shops based on what you wanted to cook next? Then, turn your grocery list into a meal-grocery planner where you write the grocery required against each meal. After the week’s plan is created, you may go ahead and use one of these templates to prepare the cumulative list. This makes your job easier.

Health-specific grocery list templates

The toughest part of purchasing groceries is when you are health conscious or have an ailment and you need to purchase accordingly. If you have ever been in this situation, you must be knowing that it is a painful task. However, we make it simple here with exclusive templates for different health ailments.

GL 33 food checklist meal lists checklist meal lists checklist GL 37 meal lists meal lists meal list

So, you are clear that you are a vegan and you don’t wish to purchase dairy items. But, what if you forget to mention that you need a maple syrup instead of honey and soy milk instead of regular milk? These grocery list checklists are available readily for you to choose from and pick the ones you need. From diabetes to a new mommy to a vegan to a healthy vegetarian, you have a grocery list for every need of your health.

The key here is to keep it organized. Just because you have a different health issue, you cannot randomly write things and purchase on the go. Just like the regular shopping list, create one so it becomes easier even if you wanted someone else to purchase on your behalf.


Shopping is one activity that people love to carry out regularly as it gives a lot of energy in seeing new things and receiving a lot of choices to choose from. Having said that, it is equally important to carry a grocery list when you shop so you never end up in paying beyond your plans for the week or month.

The templates given here are for you to customize on a weekly or fortnightly or monthly basis. Remember to store all your lists for you to assess once a month and see where you have spent excessively. Also, check out Credit Card Authorization Form Template to facilitate your shopping experience.