10+ Root Cause Analysis Template [Word, Excel, PDF]

You buy a product and then you realize that it suddenly stopped working though you operated it right.  What could be the problem? Why did this happen?

These questions can now be tracked and answered with the help of root cause analysis templates.

In a business organizational management environment, the data investigation happens through different techniques such as management 5-Why’s, Pareto diagram and Six Sigma methodology. The good news is you have a template for each of these techniques.

Free Root cause analysis Template – Management Techniques

To save time and also identify the primary reason easily, business organizations follow few techniques using this important template.

The first technique to identify is causal factor analysis templates where a list of activities that occurred during a particular project timeline is recorded and then the investigative team spots the event that caused the accident and prepares a report on how to prevent it.

The subsequent technique is simple Six Sigma DMAIC methodology where the problem is recorded along with the process followed before that led to the problem.

The organization then allocates human resources to conduct a detailed incident investigation that supervises the teams and procedures followed. This solutions technique is widely used because it minimizes errors and encourages organizations to implement a better plan.

Root Cause Analysis Template

One more interesting technique is the 5-Why template. From identifying the reason behind the incident to determining the sub causes that led to the incident, this template offers a way to take corrective action against the issue.

Root Cause analysis rca

The other techniques followed are meant to map the cause to the event and then design an implementation plan to avoid such an incident in the future.

Root Cause Analysis Template Root Cause rca

The best part about using a template is you can test multiple variables, events and improve accuracy in the process which would otherwise be a question mark. Also, it is possible to direct the team to work towards avoidance of issues in the future.

Here are editable examples:

Root Cause Analysis Template PDF

Ways to effectively use root cause analysis template

The primary reason for many organizations to pay attention to this root cause analysis templates is because it affects the quality and reduces customer retention rate.

Here are some effective ways to conduct one at your organization too.

  • Form a separate team for quality management.
  • Educate the team about continuous improvement and problem-solving.
  • Collaborate with the human resource or project team to understand the problem better and track the effectiveness of corrective action with the help of a template.
  • Organize regular brainstorming sessions to take views from multiple sources and plan avoidance method effectively. Results from these sessions should also be recorded.
  • Use time frames to track every step of root cause analysis and avoidance process as that will help you save time and boost productivity.


When you conduct an analysis at your home, you just need the 5 Why template as it is designed in layman terms. However, when you apply for organizations, make sure to adhere to stronger techniques depending on the criticality of the problem. Allocate a line manager to this procedure and give him/her the authority to use a template to its fullest. Once the root cause is identified, approach the events accordingly.

These can maximize the benefits of your investment!

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