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The purpose of a sign-in sheet is to enable the visitors to sign the note with their names and contact details as requested by the administrator. Whether you are conducting an event at your school or wanting to count the number of patients visiting the hospital per day, this sheet is extremely helpful to collect data and track the timings along with the other information that you may ask.

There is a common confusion between a sign in sheet and sign up sheet. Sign up sheet is apt for planning events and creating email lists to a particular audience. Also, it can help you assess the interest of the potential audience for a product or an activity. On the other hand, a sign in sheet is meant to collect feedback from the visitors and work towards quality improvement.

When you are using it for a professional purpose, make sure you go for predesigned templates that are neat, apt and save time.

Blank general sign in sheet

The advantage of using the blank templates is that you can directly use them for your needs without having to edit the already typed sample content. Here are a few templates for your use.

sign in sheet generic sign in sheet sign in sheet template

You can either choose to use a simpler version as the one in the last or use a template that collects specific information from the audience.

Sign in sheet templates for hospitals

Sign in sheets are extremely important for hospitals. Whether you want to track the number of patients or number of visitors per patient, a simple template will capture the essential data and make it mandatory for them to fill it entirely. Here are some examples.

SI 6

SI 4 SI 9 SI 12

If it is a hospital with a number of specialists consulting patients at the same time, handing this template over at each cabin will help in tracking better. Some clinics use these sheets to let patients enter the data and then schedule for appointments accordingly. This is used as an attendance mechanism for the patients.

You can customize the formats by adding another column for visitors for every inpatient. This makes the job easier.

Sign in sheets for schools

Organizing a parent’s day at your school? Worried about tracking the number of parents who would attend the event? These templates are exclusively for you.

Sign in sheets for schools


Use this format when there is a parent-teacher meeting or when a visitor wants to meet a particular student they can sign-in just like a diplomaSign in sheets for schools

This format is exclusively for weekly/yearly parent’s day event sign-in. You can also add additional support columns like feedback, student roll number based on the need.

SI 10

When you organize a voluntary event such as an afforestation campaign, it is equally important to note down the attendee details so you can inform them when you plan the next time. This builds communication between both the parties.

These templates are easy to maintain and help you save tons and tons of paper that you normally use for every parent as you can simply pass this on to parents in one go.

Open house sign in sheets PDF – Real Estate

Let’s say you have a house or any real estate that you wanted to sell and you have been noticing people visiting the house. When you ask them to enter their details in a visitor log, it can sound rude and many would not be keen to fill it. Instead, you can now use the favorite tool of real estate agents – open house sign in sheet which can help you to gather visitor information as well as convert those leads for your real estate business. The added benefit here is this sheet is important if you are planning to establish a stronger connection with suitable real estate clients.

For the real estate agents, the information collected can help in planning demographic based projects and intimate the local community at this time to maximize the profits.

Before we discuss more, here are a few examples of how it looks like.

Open house sign in sheet Open house sign in sheet Open house sign in sheet pdf Open house sign in sheet Open house sign in sheet printable

You can notice that you can either issue a blank sheet with few headers for your visitors to fill accordingly or use this chance to take a quick survey as well as collect personal detail. By this way, you can pitch at the right instant.

If you are looking for other multimedia versions, here are some.

MS Word 1

MS Word 2

MS Word DOC 3




Out of all the versions, spreadsheets are the best as you can edit easily and add columns without affecting the look and feel.

Excel 1

Excel 2

How to engage your customers?

The sole purpose of an open house template is to encourage customers to fill it. This can turn problematic at certain instances and you can follow a few tips below to let every visitor fill it voluntarily.

  • Convey the purpose/ intention of the data collection process so they trust you and get comfortable before filling it.
  • Instead of forcing customers to fill it leaving no alternate option behind, always give an option to opt out if the customer is not interested.
  • Choose the right location to place the sheet. If you place it at the entrance, every visitor would fill it and if it is blank already, you can fill it yourself or ask a known person to fill it. This increases the chances of getting the sheet filled.
  • Maintain a friendly tone till the house tour is over so the visitor never feels bad about sharing their personal information to you. Use your experience and expertise when you talk to the guests so they use the wealth of information you have to make planned choices.

Once you have all the information ready, organize the list with the help of a CRM software and contact them through varied means like a phone call, and SMS. Stay connected and that’s the best way to gain their trust and build relationships.

Meeting Sign in sheet templates for companies

Organizations will certainly need sign-in sheets for various purposes. For example, after organizing a training workshop to the employees, this sheet helps to take feedback and also note the headcount. In other cases, you can encourage your employees to use this template to mark their attendance, sign-in and sign-out to mark their presence inside the premises. If you cannot afford a costly technology to keep track of their attendance, then these sheets have come to your rescue.

attendance sign in sheet

You can notice that this is detailed and enhances the accuracy of records just like it is needed in a background check authorization form.employee attendance seminar sign in sheet

printable printable

The key to enabling every person to fill it is to use a professional and attractive format that can pull the visitors to stay connected.

Customized sign in templates

There are also other instances when you need sheets. Let’s say you are organizing a press meet and wanted to make note of people from media who have attended your event. You can customize the following template:


While this format is particularly meant for carpooling concept, you can still customize it by adding suitable fields for any event.


As already mentioned, the sign-in sheet is extremely powerful and it depends on how well you follow up with those who shared their data. In general, make sure the template you have chosen excites you first before you hand over to the customers. In cases of a seminar or a school event, just keep the visitor information handy and pitch at the right time.

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