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Hosting an event shortly? You might need to create tickets for the event. There is also so much to plan for the event, such as inviting guests, marketing the event and setting up décor. With all this going on, you probably have limited time to create tickets on your own.

Don’t worry! We now have ready-made professional event ticket templates that you can just download and edit on the go for your next event.

In this post, we shall list the printables that you can choose from and also offer you tips on how to use them more effectively.

Raffle Ticket Template

A raffle indicates a prize system where you sell numbered tickets to people, and one of them is picked randomly to determine a winner. Having to design these raffle tickets yourself can prove to be quite the chore. With the help of a raffle printable, you can deal with the numbering problem you may come across when creating raffle tickets like a PRO.

Raffle ticket templates Raffle ticket templates Raffle ticket templates Raffle ticket templates

Raffle ticket template raffle tickets free raffle tickets

These free Raffle ticket templates are easy to use. Just like a Resume Template, you will have to just add the brand name, size, and purpose of the raffle along with the relevant prize information.

Do not miss adding a separate column where the applicants can enter their contact information. You can either print the ticket number directly or write it manually when you issue the raffle ticket to the applicant.

Lucky draws are totally exciting for the applicants. To make it even exciting, these formats give you the option to add the prize details and tell people how valuable the coupons are. This provides them with much more incentive to fill out more tickets without missing the chance.

In some of the templates, there is a detail like $350 worth or $1000 worth. This can inform the applicant that it is a serious lucky draw, and they should participate to win something big.

If you are looking for non-image versions, here you go.







In these versions, you can change the logo and customize the coupon formats based on the color scheme of your brand and event along with the size. If you are running it for a school event or for a vacation plan event, add suitable graphics, and make sure the final version is printable.

The challenge here lies in cutting the printed format correctly. Since there are two sections to every coupon, you may have to cut it in such a way that no important information is missed. Use a paper cutter that will not hamper the style of the coupon. I look forward to seeing your raffle plan rocking with these predesigned formats!

Important Components of a Raffle Ticket Broken Down

In summary, these are the important components you want to make sure to include on a raffle ticket:

  • The name and registration of your organization or business
  • A municipal license number if applicable
  • The date, time, and location of the raffle drawing
  • A list of the prizes and their retail value
  • The ticket number
  • The price of the ticket

You also want to make sure you have all the contact details for each person so you can notify the winner when the raffle is done. Prenumbered raffle tickets definitely make things easier because you won’t have to memorize or keep a list of all the entry numbers.

It is also best to print out twin tickets so you can keep one while the other goes to the person who paid for the raffle ticket entry.

Movie Ticket Template

The movie-going population is increasing daily, and screenings are frequently happening. Moviemakers are recognized globally, and this has pushed forward school students as well to participate in this concept.

If you are planning on a screening for your film, you can never say NO to professional ticket formats. Your artistic touch has to be evident in the tickets you issue. In this case, the best solution is to go for readymade formats to issue to your visitors.

Movie ticket template Movie ticket template Movie ticket template MT 5 Movie ticket template MT 10 MT 11

If your visitor has booked the ticket online, you may have to send the format to the concerned email address. Include as much information about the film, seat details, and pricing (if any).

Above are a few examples of how it should be filled. Here is the next set of blank formats that you can use for your movie.

MT 8 MT 9 cinema tickets cinema tickets cards

Once you download this ticket template, you can either do a handwritten entry coupon or customize the font, size, and other details.

If you are looking for a DOC version, your request is heard.

Movie ticket template DOC

Ways to Improve the Uniqueness of Movie Ticket Templates

A lot of times, we run out of time, and we fail to pay proper attention to the overall look and feel of the flyers and tickets we are using for our events. Unfortunately, that’s where we make a major mistake.

To the film viewers, this sample coupon needs to be memorable, and it needs to stand out and be understandable, so there is no last-minute confusion faced by viewers. If you want your formats to stand out, you should keep the following points in mind:

  • Add a picture or design from your film onto this pass/poster. This can connect the viewers more to your film.
  • Don’t leave the backside part of the pass empty. You can add interesting messages. You can also include a FAQ or more information about the film. This way, you optimize the printing cost as well as make better use of the available opportunity and space you have on the tickets.
  • Include special offers in the same pass. For example, it can be a surprise to your viewer if they receive free popcorn or a free glass as a token of gratitude for choosing your film. This can boost their interest, and ticket sales will also increase.
  • Do not forget to add contact numbers for the buyers to RSVP or seek assistance with any queries they may have. Sometimes, they cannot make it to the event and want to swap their tickets with a friend. They will need your guidance in this process. Having that kind of RSVP option can clarify their doubts and put everyone at ease.
  • If you are not extremely low on your budget, try a different shape for your pass.

Here is one example:

cinema tickets

The cutting of this pass is different and instantly attracts the audience. Additionally, you can see the seat icon printed on the top of one side. You can also include a bar code option at the top of one side of the pass, and this will quicken the checking process when they visit the theater.

Of course, each of the filmmakers wants to run sold-out shows. This movie ticket can get you one step ahead in achieving this mission by beating online business.

Exit Ticket Template

The purpose of a simple and easy exit ticket is to enable a teacher to find out how much the students have grasped in a particular session. Perhaps, the success of a teacher lies in the understanding of the students about the topic. There is no point in teaching them when there are no continuous assessments to gauge improvement and progress.

What is the best way to find out if they have grasped the lessons? Exit tickets.

Use the readymade exit tickets to edit the question and distribute them to your students. Let them fill them out at the end of the session and you can store it in your records for each student.

Exit ticket template DOC

Need image formats? Here they are.

Exit ticket template Exit ticket template

You can use this format when all you want is a brief summary of the topic you have taught in that particular class. This can be used for collecting feedback about the teacher as well.

Now, this format is extremely interesting as it replicates the look and feel of a ticket but used for educational purposes. Before the students leave the school for the day, you can issue these exit passes to fill feedback or list just the topics covered by a particular teacher. This idea actually maximizes productivity.
ET 6 ET 7 ET 9 ET 10

Adding graphics and icons are interesting for the students as well and allows them to relate to it and be honest about their opinions. You don’t have to edit this at all. Simply print the tickets and issue them to your students at the school.
ET 11 exit cards Exit card

This one is extremely useful when you want to develop a lesson plan for the next week and want to find out if the student has understood the present week’s lesson well. A mixture of open-ended and close-ended questions is what an exit ticket should contain, so the students don’t get bored when filling them out.

When you store the data that you have collected, make sure to mark the date on each exit pass upon collection, so you can better evaluate how well the class did at that particular time. Conduct a query session where the concepts that were not understood are explained.

Advantages of an Exit Ticket

While a regular paper form is sufficient for the students to fill out what they have understood, many think that an exit ticket is not needed and is just a waste of money. However, this kind of structure allows you to come up with a better teaching method and streamlines communication between the two ends. There are many other advantages to using this format as well, including:

  • Firstly, the students get a chance to reflect on their understanding of the lesson in a nutshell. They can also evaluate their listening skills and plan better.
  • Secondly, the timely assessment of teaching enables the teacher to plan better and include better learning pedagogies to teach them effectively.
  • Thirdly, the exit pass fosters healthy communication between them, and even when the student is shy to convey something, he or she can use this opportunity to convey the message without hesitation.

It is important for schools to encourage teachers to follow this technique to connect with the students.

Event Ticket Templates

Here are some event ticket templates that you can download.

event tickets

event tickets rights reserved

Other Tips and Tricks for Creating Your Own Tickets

Now that you have a few good ticket template downloads and printables you can use, you also want to learn a few other tips and tricks for creating your own tickets.

Analyze Competitor’s Tickets

Before the creation of any event ticket, you want to take a peek at the competitor’s tickets. You can do this with a simple Google search. Type your main keywords in and then look at the results on the first two pages.

When looking at the competitor’s tickets, pay close attention to the information they have included on each ticket, the design, color, and layout, and the size of each event ticket.

So, what information should be included? Remember, content is king. Include an eye-catching title and the time, date, and location of the event. You can include the ticket price, but remember this can fluctuate depending on the event and perhaps even the day of the event.

Ticket Design

When designing your ticket, there are three different styles you may choose to focus on. These styles include vertical, horizontal, or your own. Before designing the ticket, write down all the necessary information that will be included and then find a style that best suits the information.

Logos and Images

If you want to include a visual reminder for your guests or event-goers, then include a high-quality image or your logo. The more unique you are, the more you will stand out. When choosing the colors, you should also take into account the logo and images as well as the layout and the content.


We have come across three different types of tickets in this post. It is evident that the section on personal information is not avoided in any of these. This is meant to maintain records and achieve better accuracy during the process, just like a Credit Card Authorization Form Template.

The key to making sure that your format and your tickets stand out and remain unique is to customize them in terms of new font styles, colors, and formats. You can also include new icons that relate to the event of your choice to establish better connectivity with the audience and event-goers.

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