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After a month of toil, all we need is a trip to relax. The only worry about planning a trip is to keep it within the budget. To ease your travel in terms of money and plan all the leisure activities, food, and accommodation, these templates have come to your rescue.

Types of travel budget templates

Travel budget templates are of different types depending on the purpose. When you plan it with your family, the variables are different unlike a business trip or a trip with friends.

Travel Budget Template

TB 2

A journey is empty without visiting the local attractions and enjoying your time. In fact, you need to allocate budget to them just before you plan and purchase tickets if possible so your last minute misses can be avoided. All the templates added above can be used to save more and enjoy to the fullest.

The next type is the business travel budget template. Suppose you have to urgently travel to a conference or an important meeting at the last minute and your organization does not know how much to spend on it, you can use this template.

TB 3

The key variables like car rental, gifts, food, hotel, airfare and miscellaneous are all covered and it is possible to maximize savings.

The final type of travel budget template is team budgeting. The tricky part about traveling as a team is who should spend how much and towards what aspect. It is important to use templates in such instances where you can plan better and inform your fellow travelers to plan the budget accordingly.

TB 4

TB 5

Of course, entertainment is the key and don’t let it miss without proper planning. Choose a template that adds value to your trip.

Benefits of travel budgeting template

After you take your mates on a trip and you don’t have money for entertainment, how embarrassing is that?

A properly planned budget will allow you to save enough for that big day and avoid unnecessary expenses. Using template will actually let you recall every factor that can influence your trip. For instance, you can carry money for emergencies which you may usually forget.

How to create an effective one?

The reason for many people to choose a template over manual creation of the plan is because the former keeps your plan intact. Even if you want to create one, here is how you can.

  • Include daily cost-based budget to your template.
  • Check if you have covered common points like food, travel tickets, accommodation, and other major expenses.
  • Never forget to add ‘miscellaneous’ option in your template and have a sufficient amount for the same as that will cater to your emergency situations.


Using a template to plan your trip helps you to chalk the expenses in prior and arrange the cash flow accordingly. Further, you can cover as many local sights with preplanning. It helps you achieve the purpose of the trip. Even if it is an overnight trip or a weekend vacation, templates are extremely helpful.

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