5+ Vehicle Maintenance Log Templates Free Download

There’s no easier way to maintain a vehicle than using a vehicle maintenance log template for the same. Whether you want to schedule the next service or monitor your expenses towards repairs, you can use the multipurpose logs. The benefit of this template is you can customize the vehicle type and fill the details accordingly.

Types of vehicle maintenance log templates

The type of vehicle varies each time. It can be an auto or a car or a commercial trucker and all you need to do is to customize the factors of the log to suit your vehicle. Instead of doing your research to chalk out the parts of the vehicle that needs attention, you can directly use a template that will save your time and efforts too.

Vehicle Maintenance Log Templates

Vehicle Maintenance Log Templates

You can notice that the vehicle maintenance sheet is blank and you can fill the vehicle parts. On the other hand, the other type of log is servicing maintenance where the service date, parts to be serviced, functions to be checked and other comments are appended. This log will particularly help you to assess the improvement in mileage and durability of the vehicle.

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The problem with the vehicle maintenance is you never know how you can minimize the savings. Sometimes, you spend excessively towards repairing one part while the other part needs a repair urgently. What is even critical is maintaining a commercial trucker where a service typically costs high due to a high number of tires and spare parts in it. This template can be of use to you.

There is also an editable version:


Effective use of a vehicle maintenance log template

Your vehicle maintenance doesn’t stop with downloading a template and entering the data. You would need a reminder to follow a proper schedule to repair as and when required. Using a log can also maximize the resale value.

Once you download a template, you may have to check if the following components are present.

  • Option to update change of oil, time belt, and filter.
  • Option to check air pressure and improve mileage.
  • Option to assess fluid levels and battery status.
  • There should also be a space for you to add new issues such as sudden sound or AC stopped working or poor mileage.

As you enter specific details about your vehicle, it helps your mechanic to conduct a thorough check so you don’t have to frequently face repairs.

The guide/user manual that you received during vehicle purchase should be referred regularly to understand the frequency of service and mileage maximization tips. It also offers tips of preventive maintenance that you can easily apply to prevent problems and excess money towards them.


Maintaining a vehicle is not rocket science and a template does all the necessary jobs to ease the process but you only need to fix reminders to yourself. If it is a commercial vehicle, plan for service or repair schedule in prior and inform the organization so there is enough budget allocated to it.

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