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The best way to maximize productivity on a weekly basis is to make use of a weekly planner. It reminds you of the scheduled activities for the week and prepares your mind to accomplish all of them without any delays. If you are a busy person and find less time to manage your tasks, then this is a great solution that will boost your self-organization ability and helps you clear the mismanaged commitments.

Are you all set for better productivity ahead? Just begin downloading templates from the options we give in the upcoming sections.

Free Weekly Meal Planner Templates

The advantage of using a printable weekly planner template is you can know your commitment well in advance and you prioritize the tasks based on the importance. Without such a format in hand, there is a higher chance for mismanagement and misses of activities.

The good news is all our printables are free and easy to print too. Whether you want to edit it as per your wish or simply download and start filling the plans for the week, you can do them without any doubt just like a Cost Benefit Analysis Template.

weekly schedule template WP 4 WP 7

WP 13

All these are properly aligned and formatted and available with timings too. These can be used for all purposes and one of the printables has an option to highlight any particular tasks for the week along with the notes column.

Need some editable versions? Here you go.




Weekly planner template for teachers – Printable weekly schedule template

Planners are extremely helpful for a teacher. If you are a teacher, you must have known how difficult it is to remember the class you should go for the next hour and the curriculum to cover in that class in the calendar year. Though you mark the details in your diary, it is still a hectic job to carry it wherever you go. With a printable in your mobile or handy in your wallet, you can just plan for the day in advance and also know the portions left out for a class.

weekly lesson plan template

This format is useful if you are the class teacher and you are responsible to schedule the daily activities of students belonging to your class. Just add tick marks or topic key points under each column and you are done.

weekly lesson planner

For a teacher, a printable weekly lesson planner is a savior as it helps cover the proposed topics on each day of the calendar and also prepare the students for upcoming exams. In fact, you can stick this printable at your room wall and it can act as a calendar and reminder whenever you pass by.

WP T 27

If you are unclear about how to schedule a printable weekly timetable or plan activities/subjects ahead, this filled printable can help you to plan better for your work schedules similar to what a Packing List Template offers.

Weekly planner templates for students

Weekly planner is the best thing that you can get especially when your exams are scheduled in the calendar session. There is so much to study and you have limited time to cover the portions. With the help of a simple schedule format, you can plan the week better.



weekly schedule template for students WP S 18

These two formats allow you to plan in terms of each subject or to list the topics covered in every period from Monday to Friday. This way you never miss out the lessons.

weekly schedule for revision

This format can be favorite to many as it completes the week and allows the student to plan lessons for the entire week. The interesting part is you can also include treats you would like to munch for the day when you are studying. Just print it and stick it on your study table or wall. As and when a subject or topic is completed, you can strike it down.

Weekly planner template for families

A weekly scheduler is not only for students and teachers. It aids families in planning tasks ahead. For example, each of the family members can be at different places and when one of them just fill and send across on a common group, it becomes easier for everyone to stay inline and complete the tasks allotted.

This is a must use for each working mom who shuttles between office and house and is extremely burdened. She can fill the roles and duties of every family member at the beginning of the week. For example, a cleaning schedule or repairing work can be listed and assigned to a member.

Here are some examples of formats:

weekly schedule template

weekly schedule template

Don’t you think these look interesting and encouraging? Instead of one person doing all the household chores, a better role allocation along with a suitable schedule can happen with the help of this planner.

When it comes to families, the most important area where they can be many confusions is meal planning. It consumes most of the time in thinking and finalizing one that everyone likes. You have printables to serve this purpose as well. Plan meals for the entire week in advance and save time.

Weekly Planner Template Family

Weekly Meal Planner Template

WP 30 meal

You don’t just plan the meals with these formats. You also decide the tasks that you need to do in advance to prepare the meals as desired for the next day.

You can also customize this format by adding a nutrition section for the meal proposed for the day. Under this nutrition section, you can calculate the nutrition consumption per cup so your family members can plan accordingly. Following this tip is the perfect way to maximize your nutritional value.

Planning meals will no more be a nightmare to women with these wonderful formats!

Weekly planner for organizations

Weekly planners play vital roles in organizations. Do you know that it is mandatory for the leaders to maintain daily and weekly planners to ensure none of the meetings or assignments are missed? However, this task manager is not only meant for people at middle and higher levels of management but also to every employee who wants to have a productive day ahead.

There are times when people work during the weekends at one organization and go to school on the remaining days. In such situations, you may need this customized task manager that is focused on the weekend task.

WP 28

You can notice that this manager allows you to add up to 6 rows of tasks on the three days and you still have space to enter notes for the remaining days.

Weekly Planner cards

If you are a business owner operating in multiple shifts, you may definitely need a planner to maximize the results within 5 days of work. This format allows you to define the work in each period. For example, you can enter the work meant from 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM on Monday directly in brief. The good part is this helps you to find out which shift performs better and where you need to optimize the planning for better results.

If you need editable formats so you can customize based on your organization’s needs, here are a few samples that you can download and edit.



How to use planner efficiently

If you think that starting to use a task manager is sufficient to improve efficiency, you are wrong. There are basic tips to use it efficiently so you can get results beyond what you desire.

  • If you are taking a print of the printable, it is a good idea to stick it on walls of areas where you commonly visit. For example, if you are a manager, you can stick it on the wall of your cabin so you can refer to it whenever there is a need.
  • Print multiple copies and maintain a soft copy at the background so you can keep track of the progress without losing data. Despite starting to use the weekly manager, there are chances when we miss the copy and go back to square one.
  • Break the planner into hours or periods. For example, if you are on a study holiday, you can break the day into 5 periods and decide the chapter to cover in each period. This format is easy to track too.
  • Revisit the task manager you created for the previous week before you plan for the next week. Find out if the progress ratio is good and as desired. This will help you to find out how you can use the manager to a better extent and you can eliminate the flaws too.
  • Add colors to your scheduler. It can be monotonous if you use just 1 color to fill the entire data and you may find it boring to use it further. Instead, add some hand drawings and use different sketches to fill the data. The colorfulness of the planner will create positive vibes and push you forward to fulfill them.
  • Include distraction time as well when you plan for the week. Later, you do not have to worry that you got distracted as you have a buffer time daily.


With a task manager, you don’t just plan but get a chance to look back and see your progress for the week and compare with the previous weeks. Successful people use a planner to achieve greater heights. How about you? Customize it as you wish and begin using from today.

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